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A lot of you have followed us from different spots over the years before Run Pure and have enjoyed the product and community that we now have built up.  With NBA starting and the heater we have been on, the site has hit record numbers. This got me thinking I should write something up, to bring people behind the curtain a little bit.  First of all, I want to acknowledge the large increased number of people in the community. Our website was not originally built to fully handle these numbers, which has caused some issues. That is something we are getting fixed and is priority #1 for us.  Now back to the journey…..

As Covid started in 2020, a bunch of us were doing content for our previous site RotoGrinders.  I loved doing content there, and full disclosure if Covid never arrives I am probably still there grinding away doing what I love.  But, like most companies, they did not have work for us and did not want to pay people during Covid; so we got together and decided we have all the skills needed to start a site on our own and set out to do it the way we wanted to do it.  Hoop (Mike Petta) and I had always wanted to do our own thing, so this was the opportunity we needed.  We knew we couldn’t do it ourselves though.  I had been buddies with AP (Andrew Peterson), who was running a smaller site himself with HUGE successes along the way, and I knew he had the basics to get us off the ground.  We all got together with our other buddies, and AP’s already assembled crew, to start Run Pure Sports.  One of the things I have always thrived on is haters and people thinking we can’t do stuff.  A lot of people had left RG in the past and failed; but some had left and had successes-so I wasn’t worried at all.  The one thing I know with 100% certainty, is I love sports and this industry more than anyone, and no one is going to care more than me.  I knew with the right people it would be a HUGE success.  Won’t name any names but the petty side of me heard plenty of chatter….”no way they ever get 1,000 or more subs”… “no way they ever do a million in revenue” ….“they will be back at RG within a year because of failing” and a million other haters out there.  And I am very proud to say that after only 2 years and a lot of obstacles we have shattered those predictions.  We now have close to 50 talented people doing content in every sports to make this community so fun and successful.  If you are in our discord, you know that we have the best community of minds in the industry and I don’t even think that is close.  And that isn’t me just talking about staff because some of the sharpest people in there are members voicing their opinions.  I have seen the other discords around the DFS and industry and NOWHERE else do you see top players discussing slates 24/7.

Now to address the last 2 weeks of website issues.  When we started the site we used a smaller company to build it out for us, and honestly we just had no damn idea what we were doing on the tech side.  We are good at doing content and picking winners, and we have no clue about the technology side.  Starting out, this wasn’t a big deal because we were trying to get off the ground and just wanted to get a site up.  So, the company we hired just honestly wasn’t very good and built the site with a lot of band aid type, temporary stuff.  But, as the numbers started to grow and more and more people joined, and began to enjoy the site, this became more and more important.  Last week, I talked to one of my long time friends and the smartest tech guy I know about helping us out to move all of our stuff to a bigger server and fix all of the issues we have had to continue to grow.  The plan was to move all of this after Monday Night Football when we had the least amount of traffic.  It was going to go smooth and everyone was on board with the transition.  The only issue is we had WAY too much traffic and at the busiest time of the week Sunday morning getting ready for Main Slate NFL the site decided to totally shit the bed.  So, we were forced to speed the timeline up and do the transition at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME- NFL Sunday.  We either had to temporary fix the old issues and keep going backwards or just rip the band aid, and migrate everything and then workout all the bugs.  This was accomplished after 5 hours of work from my buddy, but it also didn’t make the user experience very good because people weren’t able to use the site during key hours.  Also, even though everything had been moved to the new server there was still a ton of bugs and stuff to workout because of how poorly the original site was constructed.  So, the next night for Monday Night Football and NBA we had more site issues, but this time the issues WERE NOT server related.  It was an issue of still having a lot of people connected to the old site links which I guess takes a little time to flush fully out of the system (Don’t make fun of me I already told you I am not tech savvy, even remotely, so I might be describing poorly).  This was an issue for a lot of our SaberSim people because the old links weren’t connecting properly (I fell into this bucket as well because my own stuff wouldn’t work).  Anyways, none of that is meant to be an excuse but an explanation to to show you we are working to fix the issues and make this the best possible site going forward.

The one thing I can promise 100% is NO ONE cares about this industry more than me.  Anyone that has known me over the years knows I don’t take any off days and live for sports more than almost anyone out there.  I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into building this Run Pure Community into something I am VERY VERY proud to be a part of.  Even if I wasn’t doing this site I would be gambling and watching literally every single game on a daily basis.  I am the one in the discord and twitter rooting on everyone to crush, and just super happy when anyone crushes from even a fraction of our content.  I am the one always hopping on extra shows 7 days a week and doing whatever I can to help as many people as possible.  Therefor, when stuff goes wrong like this it hurts me deep and I take the criticism to heart.  I have never done this stuff for money, I do it because it is what I enjoy and what I am good at.  So even if it doesn’t seem like we care at times I can guarantee you we do, and will be doing EVERYTHING in our power to have issues like this never pop up. But sometimes it is just out of our control.

If you are frustrated or upset with the last 2 weeks I don’t blame you. I would be tilted as well, but stick with us and I promise we will make it worth it by continuing to roll out the best possible content and product to help you have fun and make some extra money.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your Run Pure experience the best possible.  Haters, you can continue to watch the screenshots roll in and hate life because we are going to keep working hard and most importantly having fun each and every day.  I am living the dream doing what I love and will continue to give everything I have to make this community the best possible place for gambling and dfs info.

Huge thanks to all of Run Pure Nation and the supporters out there!  I always talk about the haters, but we have WAYYYYY more supporters than haters and that is why the community is the absolute best.  Love you all so lets keep crushing and going to the moon.  It REMAINS GIBLETS TIME!!!!!!

Tony Niehaus
“Big T”


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