I’m still tilted about the Jordi Alba goal being overturned, but both matches regardless of UEFA decisions were absolutely amazing. A soft red card in the Swiss match saw Yann Sommer stand on his head and almost put Switzerland over the mark after a 10 save performance. While a crucial block by Leonardo Spinnazzola blocked Romelu Lukaku’s tap-in that would have seen the match tied up and light the match on fire. I just hope we can get a pair of matches that give us as much action, but maybe a little bit more fun on the DFS side of things with no own goal controversy! 





Czech Republic (+280) vs Denmark (+110)

Both Teams To Score: +110

Location: Baku

Probable Set Piece Takers: Antonin Barak (CZECH REPUBLIC) / Daniel Wass, Mikkel Damsgaard (DENMARK)


Ukraine (+750) vs England (-250)

Both Teams To Score: +125

Location: Rome

Probable Set Piece Takers: Mykola Shaparenko, Rusian Malinovskiy (UKRAINE) / Mason Mount (ENGLAND)


It’s coming home.

We all know the Englishman are going to be the main targets and it looks like Mason Mount is back in the starting lineup after the close contact with a member of the Scotish side over a week ago. He will presume all set piece duties for England and become one of the stronger plays on the entire slate. Since England will be very popular with the likes of Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, and Luke Shaw, one way I really think I can get different on with the field is not the most unorthodox way in the world, but certainly not the safest way. I will likely be playing for the set piece goal here with Harry Maguire or John Stones in my builds as both have the knack for scoring and have missed a pair of chances themselves this tournament. Their ownership will likely be suppressed a bit compared to the other England options and make for a great pairing with Mount. This isn’t a cash route, but a tournament one specifically. I love the idea that this could lead to a great advantage on the field and makes you unique off the rip as not much craziness needs to happen to ship if that ticket hits.


I’ve enjoyed watching Ukraine over the course of the Euros. This match though will be fairly difficult which obviously isn’t a hot take. I like the individual plays of Andriy Yarmolenko and Roman Yarmechuk the upside of the two is very high while Yarmechuk will be probably around the 15% range, we even have Oleksandr Zinchenko finally break out of the slump he was in as he flanked down the left side of the Ukraine side and whipped home 7 crosses and provided goal involvement with a great floor after the red card. However this is England and it was clear that Ukraine themselves were beyond troubled by Sweden and likely would have lost if Marcus Danielson didn’t break a dude’s leg. BACKING ENGLAND HEAVY TODAY!


The early game could be quite a bit of fun. Antonin Barak took almost all the sets for Czech Republic in their last match and we get him at a very soft price tag of under 4K. We have the flaming hot Patrick Schick who scored his 4th goal of the Euros and is making a run for the Golden Boot. I don’t want to get too carried away with this side though, Thomas Soucek would be the last guy at mid-tier 4K range who is always capable of putting one in the back of the net. Denmark has been a little leaky in the back at times this tournament and conceded in three of the four matches, so there is some potential on the Czech side of things.


Last but not least, the Danes! I am on the fence with this side. I will like whoever starts between Daniel Wass and Jens Stryger Larsen. They would take sets and provide a fairly good floor, but likely not play the whole 90 minutes of the match. I don’t mind the likes of Mikkel Damsgaard, Kasper Dolberg, or Martin Braithwaite. They are a bit underwhelming in the floor department and the first two carry significant substitution risk. Also the fact that Czech Republic limited Netherlands with a firm hand in the first half of the match.  Joakim Maehle with a pair of goals in the last two matches, not a bad option, but not someone I think you have to go overweight on by any means. Lastly Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is the one to ring my mind a bit, especially in a trailing script to where he may have to create a bit more and is likely a lock to go the distance of the match. 




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