Tabor’s Takes MLB Breakdown 09/05/23

We have a nice 10 game slate today where the focus seems to be bats. I’m intrigued by spending up at pitching while I think a lot of people spend down, but u also want exposure to some of these powerhouse offenses in great hitting spots. Let’s dive in!

I only play one lineup every day. My style of play is definitely geared towards MME although I’m a single entry player and i feel it gives me a massive edge in these high stake contests. I’ve made a 6 figure profit using this style of play in MLB ALONE for 5 straight seasons now. You’ll always find some hot takes and low owned stacks in these articles to give yourself that same edge.


Pitching Core


Brandon Pfaadt- Arizona’s top pitching prospect got off to a terrible start in the big leagues this year. He was quickly sent back to the minors after Tampa Bay rocked him back in June, but since a recall in late July, we have seen some of the upside and potential in this arm. Today we have a rookie in Pfaadt with a lot of ups and downs on his game log and a ton of strikeout upside, going against a Colorado Rockies team that doesn’t have many ups, only downs in this 2023 campaign. I’m more than comfortable tapping in here to get this upside in this specific matchup and that’s got him as my number 1 arm on this slate.

Gerrit Cole- I’m not going to lie I don’t love this $12K price tag and I could land elsewhere because of it. He’s priced like a lock for 10+ strikeouts and 7+ innings and we haven’t seen as much of that Gerrit Cole lately, exceeding 10 or more Ks in just 3 of his last 15 starts. At the same time we need to acknowledge that he’s at home and playing the Tigers for a 2nd straight appearance and I love using pitchers on back to back starts against the same opponent. Cole is not only the safest play on this slate, but he does still have that massive ceiling built in and this matchup is among the best. He won’t be your best point per dollar play, but the pitching on this slate is pretty ugly.


Other Options

Brady Singer- This is a good time of the year to pick on certain teams and just keep hammering it. The White Sox are one of those teams for me and we aren’t expecting any limitations on Singer after 15 days off between arm fatigue and the paternity list. I think this is a great spot to buy low at just $7,900 on someone who is typically a solid arm with plenty of swing and miss. The weather being 95 with 15 mph winds is without a doubt a concern though. I still like him, don’t love him.

Dean Kremer- This is one of those guys that I just never end up playing for some reason. I don’t typically see enough upside for DFS, but Kremer is a really good real life pitcher and he gets all the upside in the world when he plays against an Angels team tonight that just did an unorthodox DFA fire sale. It’s unlikely that Ohtani is in this lineup on top of all this, which puts Kremer up against a team that doesn’t belong in the pros tonight. Another affordable SP 2 to cover our pitching core.


Stack Em


Cubs- We’ve got a Wrigley wind game today, 85 with winds blowing out at 15mph and gusts that well exceed that number. The Giants also plan on using Sean Manea as a long reliever in what will be a bullpen game. Manea gives up fly balls, hard hits and oh so many barrels. Needless to say that doesn’t mix well when the wind is carrying the ball out of the park in Chicago and I want exposure to it.

Braves- it’s the Braves at home against Miles Mikolas, who traditionally is a contact pitcher. He’s been really up and down this year and if you’re telling me that the Braves are putting the ball in play all day then I’ll gladly jump on the hard contact they have in their lineup 1-9. This is a great spot for a full stack!

Mets- Another game with extremely warm weather to attack with bats and one of my favorite arms to attack in Patrick Corbin. He’s actually been a bit better this year somehow, but he’s still giving up plenty of long balls and you have to expect the ball to be carrying out of Nationals park today.


Dong Calls 

Francisco Alvarez 

Nico Hoerner


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