Tabor’s Takes MLB Breakdown 08-29-23

Happy day 2 of the Braves in Coors Field. This week is like a holiday in the MLB DFS streets. Just play the damn Braves and you print. Ok maybe it’s not that easy, but let’s dive in and see what we can do to get us there today.

I only play one lineup every day. My style of play is definitely geared towards MME although I’m a single entry player and i feel it gives me a massive edge in these high stake contests. I’ve made a 6 figure profit using this style of play in MLB ALONE for 5 straight seasons now. You’ll always find some hot takes and low owned stacks in these articles to give yourself that same edge.


Pitching Core


Alex Cobb- My clear number one for today. I’ve been picking on the Reds a lot lately, but it keeps paying off, as seen last night with the rookie, Kyle Harrison, striking out 11 of these reds in 6.1 innings of shutout baseball. Cobb is someone I look to target at home, he’s someone I look to use in strikeout heavy matchups because of how nasty his split finger can be, and he’s someone who’s price tag randomly plummets around the industry at times and there’s always a sweet spot on where to buy low. That sweet spot is here my friends. The Reds are slumping and they are striking out as much as anyone in baseball the last month. $6,800 on DK and $7,900 on Fanduel are egregious tags for the upside we have here. Even if the Braves weren’t in Coors field requiring all of our salary today, I’d still have Cobb as my favorite pitcher!

George Kirby- Another guy I prefer using when he pitches at home. We see an uptick in his K/9 of more than 2 points at 9.3 this season. His ERA drops almost a full point and his WHIP at home of 0.89 is elite. Now we can talk about his matchup with the lifeless Oakland Athletics. Oakland brings a mostly right handed lineup which plays perfectly into Kirby’s strengths. Worst case scenario George will see 5 righties today and I’ll take that. Really hoping for 6 righties making this a must play for me.  It’s pretty clear that this is one of the safest ways to attack with pitching on this slate and I’m all in on George getting it done for us today.


Other Options


Cole Ragans- We want to go cheap for these Coors bats today and Ragans certainly helps. We have to be impressed with his 71 strikeouts in 59 innings. His last two outings on DK resulted in 38.3 and 23.5 scoring finishes. We will gladly take that today and the matchup with the Pirates isn’t much worse than what he had with Oakland when he dropped that 38 piece. He’s definitely in play today at this price and with the insane upside this youngster brings he’s one of the best options on the slate.

Seth Lugo- I’m typically the anti Seth Lugo guy. He’s also been priced over $10k which to me was just insane. Now we get a $7,900 tag though?? That’s criminal, even for Seth Lugo. He’s been a really solid pitcher in every way for the Padres this year. He’s damn near at a K per inning and he’s really good at limiting hard contact and damage. The Cardinals have been a team worth targeting with pitching lately and this price tag makes it very appealing to go back again. I see Lugo as someone who should be in the $9k range, and that’s more than enough discount to appeal to me on this slate!

Justin Steele- if you want to spend up then Steele is where I would start. Huge home/ road splits that favor being at home and a matchup with the Brewers. If you follow my articles you know we like to attack Milwaukee with LHP so I’m not about to forget about Justin Steele here if my bats allow it.


Stack Em


Braves- Not much to say here. The best team in baseball, possibly the best lineup ever, is in Coors field to face Peter Lambert and the Rockies. The Braves are obvious chalk, but I think it’s important to prioritize your guys. Don’t just be the guy who plays the lefties because of splits, don’t play Rosario just because he’s the cheapest outfielder, this is what everyone does to make things work. Can we find conviction in certain guys? On a slate where the Braves are 10% and you stack them it doesn’t hurt you that bad if Austin Riley hits two bombs and you don’t have him. Maybe you had guys on base and you’re seeing points and you’re fine. When every player is 58% owned you NEED the right pieces. Matchup is everything here so find some conviction in which Braves you play, play them with a purpose, whatever that might be. For me I’m seeing reverse splits for Lambert. I’ll still roster guys like Olson, Albies, Harris and Rosario, but I’m going to prioritize Acuna, Riley and Ozuna in this matchup.

Royals- My favorite cheap stack to fit with your big Braves. I just saw on Fanduel that Salvy Perez is $2,500?? These prices get us everything we need today and I have no problem picking on Luis Ortiz with anybody that can shoulder a bat.

Nationals- Another cheap stack I like. The 3.4 total is really low, but that’s ok because nobody will go here. The main thing to like is that the Nationals don’t strikeout and while Berrios is no Spencer Strider, he can still miss some bats… but when he doesn’t miss bats… the contact is LOUD. This is the type of matchup that these pesky Nats bats show up.

Red Sox- France has a major reverse split, he’s honestly rookie of the year caliber when he’s pitching against lefties, he’s then very mediocre against righties. The Red Sox have plenty of right handed thump with guys like Adam Duvall, Trevor Story and Justin Turner so I’m more than happy to come here for a mini stack.


Dong Calls 


Marcell Ozuna

Braves Catcher

Trevor Story


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