Tabor’s Takes MLB Breakdown 08/01/23

I only play one lineup every day. My style of play is definitely geared towards MME although I’m a single entry player and i feel it gives me a massive edge in these high stake contests. I’ve made a 6 figure profit using this style of play in MLB ALONE for 5 straight seasons now. You’ll always find some hot takes and low owned stacks in these articles to give yourself that same edge.


Pitching Core

Lance Lynn- His debut as a Dodger couldn’t come in a better matchup. The Oakland Athletics are in LA and Lance is priced like a bum. It’s honestly kind of warranted because his numbers have been very bum like, but aside from Strider there’s not a higher upside arm on this slate and the matchup is far better. Lynn’s struggle has been with lefties and the Athletics could get crazy and throw a bunch of them at him, I’m going to keep an eye out for the lineup on this one, but aside from anything crazy Lance Lynn should remain my number 1 option today.

Jose Quintana- Another great cheap option to give us all the money for bats today. Quintana worked up to 94 pitches in his last outing so the training wheels are off and we have to love the matchup with Kansas City. This Royals team is one of the worst in all of baseball against LHP in every category you can imagine. What is really sticking out here is just how bad the Royals platoon guys are that will likely be in the lineup today. Last year Quintana had over a 30% K rate against left handed bats so I’m hoping more lefties than usual get the start, but either way $6,100 is criminal in this matchup and once again a spot where I have attacked all year long with left handed pitchers looks juicy yet again.

Johan Oviedo- There’s an abundance of cheap options today and I love that on a slate with guys like Strider and Valdez soaking up ownership at the top. Oviedo gets the Tigers at home and it’s glorious. This matchup is unique and plays right into Oviedo if you ask me. His strikeout numbers are better vs lefties, but he gives up more power to the left side. The Tigers lefties like to strikeout and they don’t bring much power outside of Kerry Carpenter. Righties vs Oviedo induce a lot of weak contact and that’s nice to see against guys like Javier Baez and Spencer Torkelson, they strikeout less, but some of these guys could strikeout in Tee ball. Fire him up on confidence!


Other Options

Spencer Strider- I’ll never say not to pitch this guy. As mentioned before even if he gives up 5 runs he’s probably striking out 10+ batters. The days he doesn’t give up damage make it really hard to win without him because he’s almost a lock for 40 on DK and 60+ on Fanduel. I don’t think this is the slate we have to spend up so I’m not going here, but I’ll never say you’re wrong in doing so.

Justin Steele- A team that I’ve surprisingly liked to pick on with LHP is the Reds. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but they have been dominated on several occasions when they see a good lefty. Steele has always had elite numbers at home and his K rate inflates with it. He’s fresh off another dominant performance against the Cardinals and I expect him to keep rolling here back at home.


Stack Em

Coors- You’ve got the best hitting environment on the slate by far and possibly the two worst starting pitchers by far. Another huge total for the Padres over 7 runs has me obviously leaning there but there is more rain in the forecast to pay attention to.

Rangers- The White Sox are trading everybody and their pitching staff was already one of the worst in the league. Now we get one of their worst starters and a terrible bullpen to follow for the Rangers at home. One of my favorite spots on the board. I want to pick on him with right handed bats. Adolis Garcia and Josh Jung particularly.


Other Options

Braves- We saved salary at pitcher so we’ve got plenty of big bats to use. Braves vs a lefty is always appealing. Ozzie Albies is a mini Ohtani vs lefties and I want all of that to fill my 2nd base spot.

Dodgers- a 6 run total that if the gets forgot about being the late night hammer. Another great spot for bats. Waldichuk is bad against everybody so 1-9 is in play here and as far as a 5 man stack this would be my favorite

Twins- If you’re looking for a salary saving play for a top end pitcher this is where I would go.


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