Tabor’s Takes MLB Breakdown 07/27/23

A 3 game slate can be tough to navigate but you better believe we are playing it. My favorite part of these small slates is that taking one bold stand can be all it takes to win some serious cash. With that being said let’s dive in.

I only play one lineup every day. My style of play is definitely geared towards MME although I’m a single entry player and i feel it gives me a massive edge in these high stake contests. I’ve made a 6 figure profit using this style of play in MLB ALONE for 5 straight seasons now. You’ll always find some hot takes and low owned stacks in these articles to give yourself that same edge.


Pitching Core

Pitching is pretty simple for me today. Not trying to get cute here as I like some bats that are going to make me different. I think it’s important to recognize the good chalk and just eat it in some spots and take that one big stand somewhere else. Today it’s Kodai Senga and Tanner Bibee that I’m pitching. 

Senga originally looked like a nice person to take a stand against because this Nationals team strikes out less than every team in the league. We all know he’s capable of getting into trouble, the reason I’m not taking a stand is pretty simple. Senga has elite swing and miss stuff where he can strikeout any hitter when his stuff is working. His main issue is issuing walks that lead to damage. The Nationals don’t strikeout, but they also refuse to walk. Like no joke I haven’t seen walk numbers this low for a lineup in a while. This has me intrigued because Senga is at home where he pitches very well, he’s got little to no power threats in this lineup he’s facing, and the fact they don’t like to walk should lead to much more swing and miss with his naturally ability.

Bibee is just not priced appropriately here. This kid looks like he has potential Ace stuff and he joined some pretty good company is his last start (see photo below). This matchup with the White Sox is ideal for the youngster with plenty of swing and miss and a ton of ground ball outs in this lineup.


Other Options

If I’m pitching anyone else (I’m not), I’d probably take a shot on Josiah Gray to be different. The Mets can look like hot garbage today and score 10 tomorrow. Nobody ever knows with the 2023 version of this team.


Stack Em 

Mets- I just mentioned that they are inconsistent above but they are still the top team with the highest total on the board today. You want to attack Josiah Greg with lefty power and there’s plenty of it on this Mets team.

Guardians- I really like the idea of picking on Dylan Cease here. The White Sox are in the midst of selling out, they aren’t good and they traded Lucas Giolitto yesterday while rumors still swirl around Lance Lynn and Dylan Cease trades that have yet to be made official. The bullpen is awful and I love picking on spots like this. This game is also 80 degrees while these other spots are touching 100 degrees. I don’t expect much ownership here but we have watched Cease get blown up on plenty of occasions, we know this is a division game and we just finished an Astros/ Rangers series that highlighted how seeing these solid pitchers time and time again leads to some offense. I love the Tribe here.


Other Stacks

Cardinals- 100 degree heat and a lefty on the mound, how could we not like Goldy, Nado and co.


Dong Calls

Andres Giminez 

Josh Naylor


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