Tabor’s Takes MLB Breakdown – 05/25/23

I’m the new guy here to bring you some winners. I think it’s important to understand my style of play as you read along. I do not multi enter, I borderline refuse to do it, and I honestly blame my love for these sports as the reason behind it. Every night my ass is glued to the couch watching my 2 stacks and pitcher(s) and cursing at the television. I wouldn’t want it any other way , and I couldn’t imagine having 150 variations of those stacks to root for. 1 lineup, high stakes, that’s how we roll.

This article won’t just give you a couple names to plug in to your lineup. I look for conviction in these plays and I share not just what I like, but why I like it. You can expect 2-3 core pitchers with a write up, then a few honorable mentions that almost made the cut. Same goes for my top stacks. I’ll also leave notes for some key fades and one offs that are standing out to me as well. Let’s dive in!


Pitching Core

Logan Gilbert- Really hot take here listing Gilbert as the first pitcher. I like getting different in MLB, but you have to choose your spots and this just doesn’t seem like one. He’s going to be 70% and he should be. Pretty confident he’s the top scoring pitcher on this slate.

Aaron Nola- The pitching on this slate is nasty so I want the most raw points I can find. Nola is really good at limiting damage and he keeps both righties and lefties under 40% hard hits. I know this Braves lineup is scary, but they have been pretty underwhelming for the last week and I’m going to ride that wave and hope it continues. This team can certainly swing and miss as well so I feel very safe starting with the 2 “studs” at pitcher tonight.


Other Options

Carlos Carrasco- Can you tell the pitching sucks? The wind is blowing in at Wrigley though and the Cubs offense will swing and miss at Cookies slider plenty so I’m ok with this $7K play if you need the salary but I’m not going much of anywhere outside of these 3.


Stack Em

Giants- One of my favorite pitchers to pick on is back in the big leagues somehow, Julio Teheran. This guy gets smacked around by everyone but definitely lefties so I love some Michael Conforto and Mike Yastrzemski. Fill in with literally anyone in this homerun hitters park.

Mariners- I’ve faded them all week but here we are. JP Sears is probably the Athletics best pitcher, but this slate doesn’t offer us many places to feel comfortable even saying that they will likely score 5 runs. I do think that with these two teams so this is where we attack. Sears is a lefty so I want the big right handed bats. When I look at Sears pitch selection to righties it’s a lot of fastballs and Changeups. Suarez, Hernandez, and Kelenic check these boxes with hard hits and high ISO numbers. Those are my core 3 from this game.


Other Stacks

Mets- Not feeling a full stack here because the wind is blowing in, but I like countering the ground balls of Hendricks with the fly ball hitters here. Alonso, Vogeldong, and Lindor all keep the ball off the ground and Hendricks is fresh off the IL for all of 2023 so far. He also got knocked around in his rehab starts so I’m ok going here.

Yankees – Another ok spot that I could see happening. Gibson is a vet so I don’t really see him getting rocked here. He’s surprisingly keeping hitters from both sides on the ground a bit lately so I’m looking for fly ball guys and the Yankees lineup has a ton of them. Judge, Bader, Rizzo and Bauer’s stand out.


Key Fades 

I don’t have many big stands on this slate to be honest with you. I guess I’m seeing like 15% ownership on Kyle Hendricks so yea don’t be a part of that. Conforto hits a bomb today so I’ll give you that as well. Let’s Run Pure!


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