Super Bowl LVII – Novelty Props

The Novelty Props are the best part of the Super Bowl. Anyone can bet the over on any given game, but this is the one time a year you can bet one something as outrageous as the National Anthem O/U or the Gatorade color.

Andy Reid doused with Gatorade during the closing seconds of Super Bowl LIV. Credit: BILL INGRAM/PALM BEAHC POST via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Coin Toss

This bet obviously has a 50/50 outcome, but everyone knows, tails never fails. Betting the coin toss is an electric way to kick things off.

DK: Tails (+100)

A more statistical analysis, in the last eight Super Bowls, the team that won the coin toss lost the game. So bettors may consider placing their moneyline bet after the coin toss.

Gatorade Bath

While nearly every color of gatorade can be found on the sidelines of the big game, for nearly a decade the color dumped on the winning coach typically matches their team colors.

Practically every Patriots Super Bowl was celebrated by Bill Belichick receiving a blue bath, Andy Reid received an orange dumping in 2020 and Doug Pederson received a green bath when the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018.

While some might say, if that’s the case why didn’t the Chiefs dump red gatorade on their Head Coach at Super Bowl LIV? It’s probably because red is the superior flavor, so it was drank, and they only had a full cooler of orange Gatorade.

The smart move here, bet green and orange, and you’re almost guaranteed a positive return.

DK: Green (+165) & Orange (+300)

Opening Kickoff

Devin Hester remains the only man to run back the opening kick off in a Super Bowl for a touchdown. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Another fantastic play is the no touchback prop on the opening kickoff.

18 of the last 21 Super Bowls have seen the opening kickoff returned.

Kick returners want to start the game with a bang and be a hero, so they will always try to return it. The only time we see a touchback is when the kickoff is drilled out the back of the endzone. This is another smart play for the big game.

DK: Will the Opening Kickoff be a Touchback?: No (+124)

Another note on kickoffs. In Super Bowl history, we have only seen 10 kickoffs returned for a touchdown, and only once has it happened on the opening kick. So please do not be suckered into one of those bets. It is one of the worst offerings available.

Other Bets

Not every sportsbook offers these more obscure props, but here are a few more solid options if you can find them.

First Song of the Halftime Show

The first song of any concert is going to be an upbeat banger to get the people going. So that eliminates quite a few of Rhianna’s most popular songs. However, a more critical piece of criteria is catering to the Boomers. Since the NFL transitioned to more current artists for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, they have to figure out how to keep them from flipping the channel. So, her first song has to be immediately recognizable.

Given that there is zero chance Kanye will make an appearance, there is only one upbeat Rhianna song that has an iconic intro. Don’t Stop the Music.

First Song of the Halftime Show: Don’t Stop the Music

National Anthem Over/Under

Chris Stapleton is the first male country artist to perform the anthem since Luke Bryan in 2017. Credit: George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Chris Stapleton has the honor of singing the Star Spangled Banner at this year’s Super Bowl, and he faces one of the largest totals in Super Bowl history. The over/under sits at 125 seconds.

It’s the third largest in history, and most male singer keep it under two minutes. However, Chris Stapleton represents the south well, as everything he does is slow. This will be one of the bigger moments of his career, and he will take his time getting through the anthem. It’s more of a hunch than an analytical bet, but bettors should hammer the over.

Chris Stapleton Over 125 seconds (-125)
Bonus bet: Chris Stapleton forget/omit a word from the national anthem? Yes (+500)

That southern draw of Stapleton could certainly lead to a melding of words that makes it sound like he missed a word or two. It’s an odd bet, but may be worth a nickel.

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