Guys who didn’t make the playbook because I’m fading them in my first 3 lines but they’ll carry ownership and are worth a look. 


Davon Reed / Daniel Hamilton – These two I’ll have ownership to esp Hamilton since he had 20+FPTS with only  2 real points. For those of you who play 2k Davon is an elite slasher with all the badges. Fine with either.


Kyhri Thomas-  If you have the salary and it’s between him and Josh Christopher I don’t mind him at all. I just prioritized JC cause he’s cheaper and shot more and JC is a rookie so should have more minutes. 


Devon Dotson – I just think he’s a little too high even though he looked good yesterday but if you have 6700 obviously I wouldn’t say no to plugging him.


Sharife Cooper–  Had the ball in his hands a lot yesterday but his lack of shooting has me scared to play 6200 but he’s a guy who flirted with triple doubles in college . Will be low owned.


Tyler Cook–  He played the 5 and he’s still cheap but just so many players for them


Georges King – Guys he shot 70% and 80% from three I’m sorry but I’ll let others chase if he burns me again shooting that well then so be it.


Antonio Blakeny – See George’s King 


Romeo Langford / Aaron NeSmith –  Just a pricing thing . I could see one of the two popping for 38+ but I can’t risk trying to pick which one if I’m only running 1-3 lines . 

Literally all of Detroit – They’re all eating into each other’s usage. If I had to rank Give me Bey over Cade still. If you told me Garza would see 20+ minutes I’d be way overweight on him.


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