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Joey Anicic


Sports betting is an obsession for Joey. He follows all major sports with a concentration in MLB, NFL, and MMA. Joe grew up playing and watching baseball and has been around the MMA regional scene for 10+ years. These factors, along with his hard work and years of professional capping, allow him to better understand the variance in betting and consistently finds a betting edge. Joe is extremely excited to bring his knowledge to the Run Pure Sports team.

JJ Apricena


Son to long-term Pro Gambler Joe Apricena (The Factsman), JJ has learned countless skills from his father and molded his own strategies off them. JJ has been providing YouTube Sports Betting content since late 2018 on his own channel (now RunPureBets) and for Sharpside. Sporting a sub 60% win rate across five different sports never laying more than -135 as he preaches bankroll management. JJ is as disciplined a sports bettor you’ll find, and his unique sense of humor makes him one of the most interesting personalities in the space.


Matthew Beck


MattyIce, a Minnesota native, has been playing Daily Fantasy Sport since 2013. Being a Minnesota boy, Hockey is life for MattyIce. He is passionate about finding an edge in just about any niche sport out there and has nice tournament wins in Hockey, Nascar, Tennis & CSGO. He is excited to bring his wealth of knowledge in these niche sports to the Run Pure Sports community.

Steve Boynton


Steve has been playing DFS since 2014, mainly in the CBB and MLB streets. 2x graduate of Virginia Tech, he lives and breathes Hokies football and hoops. His day job is in pricing/budgeting helped his analytical approach to DFS.

Peter Christensen


Draftcheat is one of the most well-known personalities in DFS. He is a top player in NBA and NFL, but MLB DFS is his favorite and most successful. Rule #1 of MLB is “don’t fade DC’s pitchers”.

Reed Cooper


Coop started playing Daily Fantasy Sports in 2015, initially specializing in cash games to grow his bankroll. Coop developed a process that allowed him to understand and analyze a sport in a way that gave him a significant edge over the field. Coop is passionate about writing and provides one of the best Nascar and PGA breakdowns in the industry. He is beyond excited to share this knowledge with the Run Pure Sports community.

Eric Crain


Jakz101 has been a professional gambler since 2005. He was a professional poker player until 2015, when he decided to get serious about Daily Fantasy Sports. A year later, not only did he win a Draftkings Millionaire Maker, but he also finished 3rd and 4th. Since then, Jakz101 has made numerous live finals and is still searching for another Milly Maker win. 

Phillip Dang


Glockoma has dabbled in DFS and Sports Betting here and there since his college days but started taking it seriously since joining RPS in 2020. Since then, he has qualified for a Fanduel MLB Live Final and is ranked in the top 150 via Rotogrinders. His specialty is the NBA but loves grinding all sports from a DFS perspective. He hopes to help people in RPS take down tournaments of all types!

Gary Dunkum


Gary has been playing DFS since 2015 and fantasy sports for over 10 years. His primary specialty is MLB and NHL. He has been writing MLB and NHL for three years. Outside of DFS he is an Active Duty Chief in the US Coast Guard with 19 years of service.

Jaime Durand


Jaime loves all Daily Fantasy Sports, but his passion is for Soccer. He has multiple tournament wins and an appearance at the King of the Pitch DFS final. Most importantly, Jaime has a passion for helping members win. He is a father of two and husband to a hot Peruvian wife. His favorite teams are FC Barcelona, Orlando City Soccer, and of course his UCF Knights. Charge On!

Kevin Falik


Kevin Falik has been playing DFS for 5 years and is ranked in the top 50 overall by Rotogrinders ranking, including top 100 in most of the main sports and Top 10 in Soccer. In 2020, kfalik had 3 six-figure wins in NBA and MLB and won a ticket into his first live final for 2021 Draftkings Basketball.  Kfalik is the king of the charts.

Greg Farrar


Also known as Spread Astaire, Greg focuses on NBA, WTA, and NFL. He used gambling to supplement his income for many years before finally taking the plunge of becoming a full-time professional gambler while quitting the corporate grind a couple of years ago. Greg has serious encyclopedic sports knowledge in the sports he focuses on. He is a regular contributor to the highly-successful live betting show “The Sports Keg”. He writes for Odds. com, Sports Book Review, and The Last Word On Sports. He is excited to bring his experience and insight into the RunPure sports team.

Luke Guest


Luke graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Sports Management. After a stint with analytics at the Houston Dynamo, he started playing DFS in 2014 specializing in data-driven DFS analysis for MLB, NBA, and EPL. He contributes analysis to the Run Pure Sports projections and provides prop picks.

Jason Hamlet


Jason grew up in a family that was deeply embedded in the local short track scene. For that reason he spent much of his young, formative years at the local Short Tracks in and around Southwest Ohio. NASCAR was a family tradition for Jason. Fast forward to 25 years later and FREE NASCAR DFS was born where Jason has used his lifetime of knowledge to help assist NASCAR DFS players for FREE by providing strategy and key data metrics over the course of the last 4 seasons.

Austin Hanson


I've been playing DFS since 2017, my Junior year of College focusing on NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL recently jumping into CFB and others. Die hard Wisconsin sports fanatic that also enjoys the outdoors. I have historically been a lower stakes player but have been successful in doing so including multiple 5 figure wins. I love grinding all sports and combine my feel from watching the games with the numbers to pick winners.

Bobby Hare


Bobby has played DFS since the Draftstreet days and has shipped GPPs in multiple sports. He is ranked top 150 on Rotogrinders overall and is top 100 in multiple sports including NBA.

JT Hayes


JT started dabbling in Daily Fantasy Sports in 2015, starting with MLB and soon branched out to NFL and NBA. Combining his love of sports with a deep understanding of analytics, JT developed a GPP philosophy that has resulted in multiple large field GPP takedowns in MLB and NBA.

Tyler Hicks


Tyler is the youngest member of the Keg, but already carries a solid resume when it comes to sports betting. He has been betting on sports since the age of 18. He found his niche specializing in NBA, NFL & College Football, but player props is where he truly excels. He joined TSK in early 2019 and has benefited greatly by surrounding himself with some of the best sports bettors in the space.

Bruce Hines


uKillBillWalsh has been an avid College Football, MLB and CS:GO dfs player.  A 2 time qualifier for College Football online finals, he is known to outwork the competition. He started out making projections and putting out a “playz sheet” for his website, daplayz.net. Bruce brings a great wealth of information to each DFS sport, including every CS:GO slate.

Luke Holocher


Luke first starting playing DFS when LoL came to Draftkings because of his lifelong love of competitive gaming. Outside of DFS his experience lies in operations and financial management. He joined the Run Pure team in 2022 to be able help them wherever he can.

Kurt Jones


KURT is one of the least known Personalities in the DFS industry today. Kurt’s focus is on Euroleague basketball, NBA Summer League as well as Olympics basketball. He’s the self-proclaimed niche Basketball god of DFS. 2019 CBB mania Qualifier.

Joe Kaye


Joe Kaye has been joined the RPS team in 2020 with expertise in Sales and Marketing. He's worked on growing our sponsors and partnerships. He's a diehard Knicks/Mets/Jets fan, and you can find him in our UFC discords on Saturday.

Jared Kimble


Jared has been part of the DFS community since 2012, consistently playing across all sports - now with RPS being his first position with a DFS company. Jared has significant sports industry work experience spending 3 years with the Orlando Magic - as well as other various sports startups.

Holden Kushner


Holden has been playing DFS since the days of StarStreet. His focus is MLB and NFL. Prior to joining the Run Pure team, Holden hosted fantasy shows on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio and Rotogrinders. Holden was a sports radio host and television anchor in Washington, D.C. for 13 years before moving to Denver where he now devotes his time to DFS and sports betting.

Jordan Lockhart


I have been a regular DFS player for a few years now specializing in tournaments and showdowns for the 4 main sports. NFL, NBA, MLB, and PGA. With multiple high stakes tournament wins and live final experience, I look forward to the opportunity to bring my knowledge and expertise to the Run Pure Sports Community.

Travis Mangone


Mangone has been a full-time Daily Fantasy Sports player since 2016 and is one of the top-ranked cash game players in the world. His disciplined research process and ability to evaluate statistics give him an edge over his competition. Mangone is excited to share his cash game knowledge with the Run Pure Sports community.

Expertise: NBA, NFL, PGA, MLB, CFB & Cash Games

Demetri Manuel


Dee has a wealth of knowledge in betting and understanding the game of soccer. A former competitive/amateur u18 coach and 15+ year wager placer, Dee enjoys sharing his knowledge of tactics and analytics with fellow bettors and fans of the game. Almost any question about any match across the world can and will be answered by Dee. Dee’s biggest win came in the NBA, when he cashed a $14,000 ticket on a $900 bet on the Raptors to win the 2019 NBA Championship.

Kevin McLaughlin


I started playing DFS in 2020 as a sophomore in college. Soon after I found my niche playing league of legends DFS and have been a mainstay at the top of LOL DFS leaderboards. I play most DFS sports and I am excited to share my LOL expertise with the RPS community.

Ryan Morgan


Captain Morgan left his career in operations to help start Your DFS Playbook, LLC with AP. Ryan brought a world of knowledge with his background in data modeling and building projections. He is one of the top Esport minds in the business and he is excited to bring all his talents to the Run Pure Sports community.


Amber Niehaus

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Terry Niehaus


Uncle T got started playing DFS in 2016. A strong GPP player he focuses on Golf & Baseball. Outside of DFS he just started his 10th year calling play by play basketball games on radio for High School here where I live. Been around sports my entire life. Uncle T has played fantasy sports for over 30 years.

Tony Niehaus


BigT is one of the most well-known personalities in the DFS industry. He consistently ranks as one of the best DFS tournament players in the world. He is also regarded as one of the top DFS minds when it comes to playing Showdown slates. Tony has been a professional in the gambling world all his life and brings an immense amount of knowledge to the Run Pure Sports community.

Expertise: NFL, MLB, Tournaments & Showdown Slates

Andrew Peterson


While in college, AP leveraged his knowledge in Economics and Game Theory to gain an edge playing online poker. AP went on to build a successful financial practice and later started Your DFS Playbook, LLC. He specifically used his knowledge in Game Theory to help him become one of the top DFS tournament players in the industry. AP has been a professional in the finance and gambling world his entire life and is excited to share this knowledge with the Run Pure Sports community.

Expertise: NBA, NFL, PGA & Tournaments

Mike Petta


Hoop has been a consistent winner in the highest DFS stakes for the past 7-8 years. His skill set has allowed him to excel in cash games (H2H’s, 50-50’s, double-ups, and 3-man contests) along with success in high stakes tournaments. This includes numerous live final appearances. Hoops brings a wide range of DFS knowledge to the Run Pure Sports community.

Expertise: NFL, NBA, PGA & Cash Games

Michael Polcari Jr.


Mikey began playing DFS in 2015 while still in high school. He was one of the first coordinators for Your DFS Playbook before it became RPS and specializes in NFL, NASCAR, and Showdowns.

Suzy Segovia


Suzy has a passion for all Daily Fantasy Sports but finds her best edge is in Tennis & College Football. She grew up playing and watching Tennis which allows her to better understand the variance in this niche sport. She has takedowns in both Tennis & College Football, along with many other sports, and is excited to share her knowledge with the Run Pure Sports community.

Vipin Sethi


VIP has been a DFS player since the early days of Draftstreet, Fanduel, DK and all the other small sites. Avid Sports follower and player all the way to college. Heavy into PrizePicks now and utilizing gameflows and #teamwatchthegames to run pure!

Megan Shoup


Meg is a long suffering Washington fan, which has taught her the resiliency needed to play DFS long-term. She’s been playing DFS since 2013 and has several wins and top 10 finishes in tournaments over the past 10 years. NFL is by far her favorite sport but she also uses RPS to help her play other DFS sports like NBA, PGA and MLB. She prefers the niche contests like Showdowns, Tiers, Short Slates and Best Ball. Meg made the BBM3 Finals on Underdog placing 271st of 451K entries.

Specialities: NFL, NFL Best Ball, niche contests and short slates

Tanner Smith


I'm a washed up athlete who started in DFS in 2018. Now I spend my time gambling on NHL and NFL games, using my background as an options trader to find value wherever I can.

Mitch Snyder


Snyder has been playing DFS since 2014 after years of competitive Fantasy Football. A long time staffer at the Pete Dye Firethorn Golf Course, Snyder specializes in NFL, College Football, and heads the RPS PGA Showdown team.

John Surabian


"JSU" is widely considered to be one of the Absolute Best "Hand Builders" of 1-5 Lineups in the World. He uses a life long love of sports to form a game plan for slates to gain a nice edge against all the projection players. Not only is he one of the most successful players in the world with countless 6 figure wins and live final appearances but he is also the leader of the "Up to Lock' Shows for Run Pure members. He is the best in the world at breaking down a slate all the way up to lineup lock which requires a huge skillset when playing high stakes yourself. He is excited to talk more than anyone and lead the Run Pure Sports community to many more huge hits.

Expertise: NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA. Tournaments.

Gregory Swinehart


Rubio graduated from Northern Kentucky University, with a Major in Sports Business & Event Management. He specializes in soccer but has a passion for tennis, and any sport with a ball. Rubio has been writing fantasy sports for almost 5 years gaining a big following on his soccer analysis since the 2018 World Cup.

Tyler Tamboline


"Tambo" is known around the industry for his knowledge of PGA but he is a sneaky sharp in other sports like NFL as well. He hosts one of the best PGA Podcasts in the industry "Fantasy Golf Degenerates" with Kenny Kim. Tambo has also had a TON of success in NFL DFS with his game theory approach to tournaments. He is one of the best in the world at soaking in all of the information around a slate and processing how to handle it. He has been in the DFS and Gambling world for many years now and is excited to share this knowledge with the Run Pure Sports Community.

Expertise: PGA and NFL Tournaments

Zach Trivett


A full time DFS player that specializes in cash games with a focus on NFL, NBA, MLB, and MMA.

JC Zargo


Memphis-based writer Jc Zargo has been playing DFS for 10+ years and would be incriminating himself if he admitted to how long he’s been sports betting. He’s never found a sport he wouldn’t bet on, but baseball and basketball remain his bread and butter. As a North Carolina native, not a year goes by where he doesn’t place a future on Duke to win the National Title.