RPS Best Ball Interview Series: Jayme Orth

The RunPureSports Best Ball interview series continues! And this week I talked to Jayme Orth about his best ball experiences and strategies.

The great thing about best ball, is you can have different player takes and strategies and still find a path to success. Just like DFS, you can play best ball differently and that doesn’t make it right or wrong. It’s quite interesting to hear different best ball players’ strategies and stories of success. And that’s what makes this RPS interview series so fun!

So let’s hear from Jayme!


How long have you played best ball?

I’ve played Best Ball for the last 2 years. However, this is my first year planning on max entering the BBM4 on Underdog. I’ve always kind of used Best Ball drafts as a way to familiarize myself with ADP, roster construction and narrow down my thoughts before entering my season-long leagues. Last year I think I did 10 total drafts in late May to June and then went straight into my season-long drafts late June / July. This year I am making a more conscious effort to build out a portfolio and draft teams in all months leading up to week 1.


Why do you love best ball?

The ability to just focus on the drafting aspect without having to make weekly lineup decisions, add/drops, etc. makes the process a lot of fun. I think it allows you to make more contrarian decisions with roster construction than you would likely do in a regular season-long league. Additionally, having the chance to turn $25 into $3 Million doesn’t hurt.


Which best ball site do I like the best?

I have only played on Underdog but I really like the setup they have. I think the interface is super appealing and easily accessible. I know DraftKings made it so you can add your own rankings so I may try hopping into some of those drafts down the road. Ultimately, I like the fact we got $3M up top on Underdog so that will be where most of my attention will be at.


Favorite lineup construction for best ball?

I’m really liking how my teams turned out when I got 4 WR’s in the top 7 or 8 picks. Snagging one RB in the 2nd / 3rd (Pollard, Stevenson, Etienne) and then waiting to the mid – late rounds to hammer RB’s. I think guys like Rachaad White, Isaiah Pacheco, James Conner are all really good middle round backs. Then you can get guys like Khalil Herbert, D’Onta Foreman, Elijah Mitchell, Jaylen Warren all late in the draft. All of these guys have big ceilings if a few things fall their way late. As far as QB goes, I don’t really like going past the Watson, Tua and Danny Dimes tier to get your QB1.


Favorite best ball strategy?

My favorite strategy is focusing on roster construction and beating out ADP. Ultimately, I think a big edge is getting CLV (closing line value) on these guys when you’re drafting early in the season. Having a good idea on what guys have the chance to skyrocket up the drafts late in the season is going to be +EV. Hopkins is a great example of this. He was in a poor offense that people really didn’t want to draft. If he gets sent to KC or Buffalo, he will likely shoot up the board. Another example is a guy like Zeke. He’s not a guy I really like but he’s going really late in drafts and it’s likely that depending on who picks him up, he will bounce up a couple of rounds. Embracing the unknown is a good idea in a format like this. Then obviously focusing on correlation with your QB’s and then looking at week 17 game stacks will be how I build out my teams.


Favorite Early Round pick in 2023?

There’s a few guys I really am trying to be overweight on early in drafts but I think my favorite right now is Chris Olave. You can usually snag him late 2nd / 3rd round but I think he has top 5 WR upside. He was 6th among all WR’s in Yards Per Route Run (2.44) with at least 40 targets last season. Just below Adams and right above Kupp. Only 9% of his Fantasy Points came from TD’s last year and we know there is a lot of randomness with TD’s and it’s the most likely to regress back year after year. Additionally, he’s getting an upgrade at QB. Carr isn’t this elite QB by any means but he’s far better than Andy Dalton and Jameis Winston.


Favorite Late Round pick in 2023?

As of right now, my favorite late-round pick is probably Wan’Dale Robinson. I’m high on this Giants offense again this year and I like to bet on Daboll as a coach. Robinson is going around the 15th round. I mentioned in the best ball strategy section that I like to embrace the unknown in this format. Wan’Dale had a lot of hype late in the offseason last year as a rookie. He got hurt and wasn’t able to stay healthy last year but I think he showed some signs that he could be this team’s #1 option. He only ran 130 routes but he still led the entire Giants offense in YPRR (1.77). He averaged 72% of the team’s snaps in his last 4 games prior to his season-ending injury and 2 of those 4 games had 8+ targets. Furthermore, 70% of Wan’Dales targets came from the slot. I like this Giants offense to take another step forward and with the addition of Waller and the hope Robinson stays healthy, it’s a pretty inexpensive stack.






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