PrizePicks Flex Play of the Day – 6/13/23

With yesterday’s Flex Play of the Day hinging on Jack Eichel tonight, I figured I’d give the people another play to sweat tonight. I’m trying to give the people their money’s worth as the NBA season is over and the NHL season could end tonight.

Spencer Strider + Chris Bassitt Over 14.5 Pitcher Strikeouts

Spencer Strider may top his 13 K performance today. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s MLB article, I discussed Spencer Strider and what a stud he continues to be. His K prop is my favorite play every five days, but I like that PrizePicks allows bettors to attack bets differently, and I love the insurance that Chris Bassitt adds to this leg. 

Strider should be fine sitting down 9 to 10 Tigers today, meaning Bassitt only needs 5-6. He’s struck out as many as eight this season, and in ten of his last twelve, he’s K’d 5+. This should be an easy no-sweat play.

Adin Hill + Sergei Bobrovsky Over 57.5 Goalie Saves

Adin Hill hasn’t cashed his save over since Game 1. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been betting on these two guys all series long, and it has been highly profitable, but with their props being adjusted in the last game, it has become slightly more tricky.

There are a few ways this game could go tonight. Looking at how the Golden Knights have closed out teams in these playoffs, it could be gruesome, and if that’s the case, Bob’s save prop doesn’t stand a chance.

However, being the Finals, the Panthers may not roll over so easily. So combining the two guys for this bet covers all our bases.

Erica Wheeler Over 10.5 Points

Erica Wheeler is averaging 9/2/5 this season. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We’re going a little crazy with this one, but that’s the beauty of a Flex Play; even if we’re torched on this leg, we’re still profitable.

Erica Wheeler has started to find her groove a month into the season. After scoring 19 total points in her first four games, she’s averaging 14 per game since.

The concern for this one comes from Washington having the best defense in the league, so while Wheeler won’t have another 17-point game, she should still be able to get her 11.


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