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Joe Burrow is 11th in the league with 1,316 passing yards. Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals (-150) @ New Orleans Saints (+125)

It’s a homecoming for the LSU kid.

The Bengals are trying to reach .500 for the first time this season, and they have the prefect opportunity heading down to the Superdome. The Saints have been terrible this season, and they are in for a rough one as Joe Burrow tries to right the Beangls’ ship.

While Dalton may make this game interesting, Burrow should light up the scoreboard. His passing yards were climbing before a tough game in Baltimore. Burrow through 275+ yards in three of his first four games, but the Ravens held him to 217. That number will no doubt go back up this week against New Orleans defense, making an easy play for bettors.

Joe Burrow Over 250.5 Passing Yards

His passing attempts have also remained consistent. After throwing 53 times in Week 1, he threw 36 times in Weeks 2 & 3, and 35 times last week. His prop is well placed at 33.5, but it’s still an easy over. This is a smart adding to the passing yards, because if one hits, the other should too.

Joe Burrow Over 33.5 Passing Yards
Skylar Thompson gets the call for Miami as they have two QBs on concussion protocol. Mandatory Credit: Kevin R. / USA TODAY NETWORK

Minnesota Vikings (-168) @ Miami Dolphins (+140)

If you watched Talking Touchdowns on Friday, Kurt discussed the legs of Skylar Thompson.

Miami will have to be creative to beat the Vikings with their Rookie third-string quarterback, and one of the ways they may look to do that is by using Thompson’s mobility. He averaged over 30 yards a game in his junior and senior years at Kansas State. Tua didn’t have any designed runs, so going for something the Vikings might not expect is right up Mike McDaniel’s alley.  

Kurt and I agree Thompson could easily have 20+ rushing yards, so the prop on PrizePick is an easy play.

Skylar Thompson Over 12.5 Rushing Yards

Bonus Pick:

Nothing about Thompson’s performance last week was impressive. He showed no indication of being a future star, making quite a few disgusting throws. An interception feels like a given as well.


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