NFL Week 3 Bills @ Dolphins

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 Bills -5.5 @ Dolphins Total 53.5


Bills VS PASS 2 // VS RUSH 3 // PASS 2 // RUSH 30 // OVERALL 1

Dolphins VS PASS 31 // VS RUSH 10 // PASS 4 // RUSH 12 // OVERALL 14

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Can you say game of the year? Huge implications with both teams being 2-0. A win for the Dolphins could go a long way in keeping them out of Buffalo in the cold playoff months. If Buffalo wins it goes a long way toward making the division win easier. Everyone will be on this game after what Buffalo has done offensively and the Dolphins last week. Personally, I feel the defenses are to good to allow a shoot out. Not to mention division games typically are lower scoring. Give me the under!

What else can you say about Buffalo other than they have looked great so far. They are clicking on both sides of the ball. The defense is helping the offense while the offense is making it easier for them to defend their opponents. Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs showed back up Monday in a big way. Diggs will be popular but Allen has other weapons to utilize. Look for the Bills to try to get the run game going. This has been the one downfall although big plays have kept them from driving the ball via the run. Allen has been on a roll since late last season. I hate saying someone is “due” for a lackluster game but he fits that category.

If the Dolphins want to keep this game close and win they must do one thing. Run the ball and control the clock. The Bills defense is to good to try to get into a shoot out. Not to mention the Dolphins can t continue to rely solely on the arm of Tua Tagovaiola. Look for Miami to use Raheem Mostert as the lead back and Chase Edmonds as the 3rd down utility specialist. These roles fit the players well. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are quickly becoming the most feared wideout duo in the game. Both are equally impressive with similar skill sets. If the Dolphins can get the run game going I can see them keeping it close and possibly even winning. If it becomes a day we’re they rely on Tua I feel the pressure of Buffalo eventually eats him alive forcing mistakes.


Josh Allen, Bills-$8,200 He is getting it done through the air and can also utilize the feet. He is on a roll and I suggest keep riding him until he comes back to reality. 

Dawson Knox, Bills-$4,100 Sentence. . . With all this firepower available at wideout I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes under the radar. He was more active on Monday and I expect him to be utilized on quick out or over the middle with 1-2 mid range shots. He can troll 2 touchdowns from the star wideouts. 

Tyreek Hill, Dolphins-$7,600  Due to the price I think he gets a little less exposure than Waddle but slightly. He has had two good games. It’s a tough call between he and Waddle but I lean Hill. 

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