JJ’s CBB – 3/2/21 Live Targets

We’ll do this article a bit different than most. I want to get you a few games I have my eye on for live targets. The last few days betting CBB for me have been borderline pulling teeth, so wanted to avoid pre-game action. No greater example than yesterday.

I bet an SFA Team Total OVER in a game that they cover the FG spread of 12, but not go over their TT.
I bet a 1H Under in UVA, where the 1H goes over with ease and the 2H plays so slow that the full game lands under by double digits.
I bet OKST 1H ML where they almost get there, but win the full game.

There’s also Charlotte Under from Saturday which I say is my favorite look on the slate but because I couldn’t get the best of the number, I lay off. Game was a stone cold under from the start. Cinci on Sunday despite playing super poorly trails by 2 with 15 seconds left and can’t cover +5.5.

These little mini runs make all the difference between positive ROI vs negative ROI in short bursts. It’s just about neutralizing the punches as much as possible and living to fight another day. This is where true bankroll management comes in to help always keep you above water. And if not above, at least not drowning. Alright, so here’s a few spots I’m aiming to target today live at HT. I won’t be jumping in any in-game during halves, but HT is the time I’d target to jump in.

West Virginia vs Baylor
West Virginia TT OVER 67 (Pre-Game Line – 72)
The big thing I got from Baylor last game and even the game prior is how undisciplined this defense has been. Countless easy baskets given up and lack of energy on the defensive glass. Baylor almost appears heavy legged after their 3 week break. They almost got out hustled to a loss vs Iowa State and got out hustled vs Kansas all game long. They stay on the road here and draw a WVU team who doesn’t let up on the glass. If WVU starts slow, I’ll love to jump in on this TT over 67 which is about 5 points short of the pre-game number pending your book.

Georgia Tech vs Duke
Georgia Tech +3.5 (Pre-Game Line GT -1.5)

What to make of this recent Duke loss? Do we overreact and and think this team may fall back into its early season tendencies? Unlikely, but possible. What I know, is this Duke team didn’t have the 3 ball falling for them like they have in their previous four games. They draw a team in Georgia Tech who can certainly be had from 3 defensively, but then again so can Duke. GTech is back to playing some of their best ball of the season and this team is so good at home with just one loss all year which was to UVA. This is a complete offense and if Duke catches fire in the 1H of this game I want to get GTech at a better number live. Duke is for real, but they’re also very young. This plays a big factor in what is now a huge road game for the Blue Devils. As crazy as this sounds, this deep into the season, this is Duke’s toughest road test to date. I can’t lay points against this Duke team, but I’m happy to jump in a dog number 5 points different from the market if we could. This will be my favorite look tonight if it pops.

South Florida vs Memphis
South Florida +13.5 (Pre-Game Line USF +9.5)

I get it USF just got molly-whopped by Houston, but what teams in this conference don’t get humbled by Houston? We just watched Memphis force Cinci to struggle mightily from the field and I’m not saying South Florida will light it up here, but Memphis has a hard time stepping on teams throats in road games and USF doesn’t let games get out of hand often at home. USF is long enough to force Memphis to struggle scoring and also keep them off the glass. They did a great job of this in the 1st match-up and if USF gets caught with their pants down early, I’m going to want to jump in on USF at a fatter number here in the 2H.


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