HTP’s NBA – Nikola Jokic Prop

It seems that Nuggets can’t catch a break right now and with already injured Murray, Morris they added Will Barton to the list. These are pretty much 3 main guards for the Nuggets who helped Jokic with some ball handling and playmaking. Murray (69.8 touches, 47.8 passes made) Morris (45.7, 34.7) and Barton (46.2, 31.5) are the three players with the most touches and passes besides Jokic.

On the season Joker averages 8.7 assists with 13.8 potential and 75.2 passes. He is leading the NBA with 101.3 average touches per game, so basically almost every offensive possession in someway goes through the leading MVP candidate. Nuggets still has some job to do on the standings and today they are getting one the easiest matchup you could imagine.

Rockets are down 8 players and the spread is already up to 14 points. Both teams are on a b2b and coming after a loss. Usually we want to target these big lines when we expect that the game will be close all the way but it’s a bit different this time. When being on the court Jokic has +18 or higher (basically a blowout), he averages 11.6 assists with 8overs 1under (8ast) on this line. In five of those games he haven’t even reached 30min+ of playing time.

N. Jokic over 8.5 assists 1u BetMGM -120

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