Glock’s NFL Lineup Review | Week 9

What is up everybody! This is a new article we are introducing this year which will review my main GPP/Single Entry team that I played over the weekend. I’ll do my best to explain why I played who I played, what I would have changed, and the results that came with it. The aim is to have this released every Tuesday and the hope is that the article can help provide you some valuable insight which can help improve your process when playing NFL DFS.

I always like writing review type of articles too since it forces me to be self-critical about my play and helps improves my process in turn. I definitely recommend reviewing your lineups after every weekend as well, I can guarantee it will make you a better player.

If you are familiar with my NBA Year In Review article from last year, I am not a high stakes player whatsoever and tend to play SE contests which are at the $100 price point and under. Whether you are a high stakes or low stakes player, you should be able to take tidbits and apply it to all levels of play. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be reviewing the ownership from the $50 NFL $250K Red Zone [$50K to 1st, Single Entry] contest. Lets dive in!


Sam Howell – Have been playing Sam Howell a lot this year and this week was no different with the other cheap QBs that were in play such as Aidan O’Connell, Daniel Jones, Deshaun Watson, and Derek Carr. NE has been atrocious defensively and thought this was a spot he could put up a nice # at low ownership

Alvin Kamara – Was my favorite RB spend up on the week versus a bad Chicago defense and has been treating me well

Bijan Robinson – Was debating Rhamondre Stevenson here instead of Bijan to make my lineup even more WAS/NE stack oriented but decided against it for Bijan Mustard. Very frustrating playing Robinson and seeing Allgeier almost split the work with a guy ATL spent high draft stock on

CeeDee Lamb – Debated a 2v2 of Crowder/Lamb vs McLaurin/Pittman (or another WR in that range) … opted for a lower owned WAS pass catcher to get mini-correlation in the DAL/PHI game

Demario Douglas – Anytime I can get a WR1 in an offense at a cheap tag, I’ll always have interest despite the ownership. Also was a bonus that he was my correlated bring back

Jamison Crowder – As I touched on above, was debating different combinations of 2v2s I could get if I played McLaurin, Dotson, or Crowder. In hindsight, definitely should have gone Dotson but was fine saving the salary here to get up to CeeDee Lamb

Logan Thomas – Didn’t like TE at all this week so opted for a double stack with my QB Howell

AJ Brown – Was my favorite WR of the week and got mini-correlation with CeeDee Lamb which was the highest totaled game of the slate

Giants DST – I wrote in the Playbook “if Josh Jacobs beats me, he beats me”. Unfortunately he did, so we live with the results and move on to the next week. Giants have been playing better defense as of late but they were no match for the inspired Raiders this weekend


This week was a week where if you had any exposure to the HOU/TB game stack, you were probably sitting pretty (Great call BigT!). I think if I got more from my 2 “workhorse” RBs, the week could have looked a little different with some min-cash equity, however that was not the case.

Howell/Crowder/Thomas + Douglas was a very cheap stack to start my lineup with which allowed me to get my favorite RB on the slate in Kamara, and my 2 favorite WRs (CeeDee + AJB) which were in the same game environment. I absolutely love builds like this, maybe to a fault, but I can live with the results like I mentioned above because I liked each play a ton and move onto the next week!


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