Glock’s NFL Lineup Review | Week 7

What is up everybody! This is a new article we are introducing this year which will review my main GPP/Single Entry team that I played over the weekend. I’ll do my best to explain why I played who I played, what I would have changed, and the results that came with it. The aim is to have this released every Tuesday and the hope is that the article can help provide you some valuable insight which can help improve your process when playing NFL DFS.

I always like writing review type of articles too since it forces me to be self-critical about my play and helps improves my process in turn. I definitely recommend reviewing your lineups after every weekend as well, I can guarantee it will make you a better player.

If you are familiar with my NBA Year In Review article from last year, I am not a high stakes player whatsoever and tend to play SE contests which are at the $100 price point and under. Whether you are a high stakes or low stakes player, you should be able to take tidbits and apply it to all levels of play. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be reviewing the ownership from the $50 NFL $250K Red Zone [$50K to 1st, Single Entry] contest. Lets dive in!


Thought my day was over pretty early with my WAS/NYG main stack faltering, but a lot of chalk like Josh Jacobs failed early so I still had some hope to sneak into the cash line with a lot of my salary allocated in the afternoon games. Below are my thoughts behind each play this weekend:

Sam Howell – The simulations were loving Howell and Pat Mahomes. I picked wrong here but my thought was that Howell stacks were going to be low owned and cheap enough to where it’d allow me to pay up for 2 studs which we’ll talk about later in Travis Kelce and Cooper Kupp

Kenneth Walker III – The RB position felt really bad this week and ownership was concentrating on 4-5 main plays. I thought Kenneth Walker had the best matchup and upside, especially if DK Metcalf were to miss. Not to mention, Zach Charbonnet also was going to miss boosting Walker’s outlook even further

Jerome Ford – Was between Ford or Foreman here, opted for Ford as I thought the game environment would be better and Ford has shown more upside than Foreman up to this point. Not to mention, Tyson Bagent was going to be Foremans QB while Deshaun Watson would return for CLE

Josh Downs – Was on 25% owned Downs last week so why not go back to him unowned? Also gave me mini-correlation with Jerome Ford which I liked a lot

Curtis Samuel – Preferred single stacks with Howell this week and Samuel was the cheapest way to stack him up. Has had good rapport with Howell as well up to this point, just couldn’t get it rolling this past weekend

Wandale Robinson– Have played Wandale a ton so far and likely will until they raise his price. Easy run back choice for me to my Commanders stack when you consider PP$

Travis Kelce – I didn’t have any exposure to LAC/KC to this point so why not get it with arguably the best piece on the KC side? TE was also felt very weak as usual and Kelce always has the ability to break the slate

Cooper Kupp – My favorite spend up of the day, just didn’t work out. Ended up being a Puka Nacua slate

Chiefs DST – Way too cheap for a DST that has been playing great this year. Wasn’t getting any LAC exposure in my lineup with guys like Josh Palmer or Keenan Allen so decided to leverage that with this DST play


Had a chance to min-cash in most of my tournaments if Kupp did anything! Unfortunately he did not, so I ended up cashing in about 5-10% of my contests, mostly the lower stakes stuff. If I played Foreman over Ford I would’ve snuck in as well but I really did like the CLE/IND correlation so I most likely wasn’t going to move off of that.

Also when I ran the sims for this weekend, the 2 QBs in my top 5 teams were Mahomes and Howell. Definitely made the wrong choice there and probably should have followed my own advice in the Playbook as I wrote “Patrick Mahomes – In a week where a lot of the crappy QBs are projecting well, Mahomes could really separate in a game environment which has the highest total of the weekend.” Regardless, we move onto next week! (Scheduling note: this article could be published on either Tuesday or Wednesdays going foward due to NBA starting up. Will be based on my availability so just a heads up!)


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