Glock’s NFL Lineup Review | Week 17

What is up everybody! This is a new article we are introducing this year which will review my main GPP/Single Entry team that I played over the weekend. I’ll do my best to explain why I played who I played, what I would have changed, and the results that came with it. The aim is to have this released every Tuesday and the hope is that the article can help provide you some valuable insight which can help improve your process when playing NFL DFS.

I always like writing review type of articles too since it forces me to be self-critical about my play and helps improves my process in turn. I definitely recommend reviewing your lineups after every weekend as well, I can guarantee it will make you a better player.

If you are familiar with my NBA Year In Review article from last year, I am not a high stakes player whatsoever and tend to play SE contests which are at the $100 price point and under. Whether you are a high stakes or low stakes player, you should be able to take tidbits and apply it to all levels of play. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be reviewing the ownership from the $50 NFL $200K Red Zone [$25K to 1st, Single Entry] contest. Lets dive in!


Tyrod Taylor – Was pretty locked onto Jacoby Brissett for most of the week with this similar build construction. Brissett was a no go so TyGod it was against a Rams defense who has given up big games to opposing QBs. TyGod was cheap too so he allowed me to jam in CMC + Kyren

Kyren Williams – I dub Kyren CMC Jr and he was an easy correlation piece with Tyrod + Waller

Zamir White – Too cheap for the role and was in what I believed to be a great game environment

Zay Flowers – Another play who I thought was in a great game environment which was MIA/BAL. There was coach speak about how he could be on a pitch count which I think reduced his ownership. I was also already playing Terry McLaurin to correlate with CMC so my options in the mid 5K range were slim, opted to stay and it worked out

Terry McLaurin – Had a few options here such as Tyler Lockett or George Pickens… opted to correlate with Terry as I figured CMC would be leading most of the game resulting in more WAS drop backs

Cedric Wilson – Cheap pivot from chalky Wan’Dale or Slayton. I didn’t really want to double stack Tyrod so wanted to find a cheaper alternative to the chalk. Was a nice mini-correlation piece with Zay Flowers. Obviously wish I would’ve double stacked though as Wan’Dale and Slayton crushed

Darren Waller – Low owned correlation piece with Tyrod at a position I never truly love

Christian McCaffrey – Came in lower than I expected so the injury definitely hurt my soul. Was setup to crush a horrible WAS team

Raiders DST – Could’ve opted for chalk Broncos DST here but I took a chance to correlate with Zamir White. LV DST has also been playing great as of late and displaying true upside at the DST position. Not this week unfortunately!


Boom, 3 straight weeks in the green! This weeks lineup is dedicated to all the correlation bros. Every single piece had correlation involved which doesn’t always feel great, but in my mind, it all made sense as I was able to get exposure into some of the best game environments. You start with Tyrod plus Waller as the pass catcher and the Kyren run back. You have Zamir White correlated with Raiders DST. You’ve got Zay Flowers + Ced Wilson in one of the better game environments of the week as well as CMC + Terry McLaurin. Tyrod + Wan’Dale + Slayton ended up being the move but I am happy with how I ended ownership wise. Onto Week 18 though as we’ll look to finish the regular season strong!


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