Glock’s NFL Lineup Review | Week 14

What is up everybody! This is a new article we are introducing this year which will review my main GPP/Single Entry team that I played over the weekend. I’ll do my best to explain why I played who I played, what I would have changed, and the results that came with it. The aim is to have this released every Tuesday and the hope is that the article can help provide you some valuable insight which can help improve your process when playing NFL DFS.

I always like writing review type of articles too since it forces me to be self-critical about my play and helps improves my process in turn. I definitely recommend reviewing your lineups after every weekend as well, I can guarantee it will make you a better player.

If you are familiar with my NBA Year In Review article from last year, I am not a high stakes player whatsoever and tend to play SE contests which are at the $100 price point and under. Whether you are a high stakes or low stakes player, you should be able to take tidbits and apply it to all levels of play. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be reviewing the ownership from the $100 NFL $400K Spy [$100K to 1st, Single Entry] contest. Lets dive in!


Jake Browning – Was impressed from what I saw in the week previous and CIN/IND was one of my favorite game environments of the weekend. IND unfortunately did not push CIN to throw that much

Christian McCaffrey -Another strong spot for CMC with some leverage on the SF passing attack, but the passing attack prevails again

Zack Moss – Arguably too cheap for his monster role, was an easy run back choice as well with my CIN stack. Got super unlucky again as he didn’t convert at the goal line after numerous tries

Ja’Marr Chase – Easy correlation choice with my QB, but the RBs from CIN were what you needed here

Michael Pittman – Another correlation piece for my CIN/IND stack. Instead of the traditional QB+2 pass catcher+ 1 run back stack, I opted for 2 run backs to “overstack” the game and hope for offensive fireworks

Zay Jones – My favorite cheap option on the week… think he had like 13 targets, just didn’t result into a massive box score

Tanner Hudson – TE was weak once again so I decided to correlate with my QB

CEH – BUF/KC was another game environment I liked so CEH was my way to get into that game at a cheap tag

49ers DST – CMC + DST was a correlation I liked. The potential for Geno Smith to sit too was on the back of my mind which would have only boosted the DST outlook


Once again I felt good going into the weekend and boom, my hopes and dreams were shattered quite quickly with the CIN/IND game underwhelming. I played CMC once again and he got vultured by Jordan Mason at the goal line. Deebo Samuel also smashed again so that was unfortunate. Zay Jones had the highest expected yards of any WR on the weekend so that was another unlucky point. Zack Moss just can’t produce as of late so his ownership will probably go down very soon as people will be tired of him. Really liked my lineup once again though so I can live with the results. Onto Week 15!


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