Glock’s NFL Lineup Review | Week 11

What is up everybody! This is a new article we are introducing this year which will review my main GPP/Single Entry team that I played over the weekend. I’ll do my best to explain why I played who I played, what I would have changed, and the results that came with it. The aim is to have this released every Tuesday and the hope is that the article can help provide you some valuable insight which can help improve your process when playing NFL DFS.

I always like writing review type of articles too since it forces me to be self-critical about my play and helps improves my process in turn. I definitely recommend reviewing your lineups after every weekend as well, I can guarantee it will make you a better player.

If you are familiar with my NBA Year In Review article from last year, I am not a high stakes player whatsoever and tend to play SE contests which are at the $100 price point and under. Whether you are a high stakes or low stakes player, you should be able to take tidbits and apply it to all levels of play. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be reviewing the ownership from the $50 NFL $200K Red Zone [$25K to 1st, Single Entry] contest. Lets dive in!


Kyler Murray – ARI/HOU was my favorite game environment of the weekend and Kyler had a very clear target tree with Michael Wilson injured. Dual-threat upside as well at a cheaper tag than Stroud

Aaron Jones – Really liked the usage he got the week previous and was in a matchup against a butter soft defense that is the Chargers. Unfortunately the injury bug hit me early here

Devin Singletary – As I mentioned above, loved ARI/HOU as a game so I wanted to try and over-stack it in a cost efficient way if possible. ARI’s run defense has been horrible as well so easy run back option

Brandon Aiyuk – Another environment I liked was TB/SF. Thought Brock Purdy was a strong option so I wanted to take one of his pass catchers that could go off at low ownership

Nico Collins – Tank Dell and Dalton Schultz were the chalky HOU pass catchers so in an effort to get more unique, I paid up to be contrarian with my other HOU run back

Rondale Moore – No Michael Wilson so from ARI it was either Brown/Moore/McBride as my options for pass catchers. Opted for the cheaper option in Moore who has had success with Kyler in the past

Trey McBride – Touched on it above but opted for a cheaper cumulative stack with Kyler + Moore + McBride. McBride was already going to be chalk as a one-off anyways and TE is a position I generally haven’t prioritized all year, therefore it’s always easier if I can correlate with my QB

Cooper Kupp – Injury bug hit here too but my thought process behind this play was that Matt Stafford was returning and when have we ever seen Kupp this cheap? I always want a top-tier stud that can break the slate in my lineup and Kupp fit the bill at the reduced tag

Jets DST – Was too cheap for a strong defense against a struggling, turnover prone Josh Allen. Bills v Jets game generally have played close in the past too, just didn’t this time


Unfortunately the injury bug hit us early this week with Aaron Jones going down in the LAC/GB game then later Cooper Kupp went down adding salt to the wound. I was pretty happy with my lineup overall though as I got Jones and Collins lower owned than I expected. Brandon Aiyuk was also fairly low owned while his QB, Brock Purdy, was one of the chalkier options on the slate who performed well. We get to bounce back quick this week as we get a nice 3 game slate for Turkey Day! I’ll have that playbook up by late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning so lets bounce back there!


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