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Why Join SoRare?

The perfect time to join SoRare is now! There is still so much edge in these contests and the rewards to win are always so solid. Being able to win player cards and either selling them or using them to win future prizes in other contests is the best! There are several strategies that can be employed to get the best ROI. Whether it is flipping, playing, or doing both, there is a unique way no matter the sport.

When you join SoRare using our link: https://sorare.pxf.io/RPS you will be able to receive a FREE Limited card after your first 5 purchases on the New Card Auctions page! We will have daily content up for NBA and MLB while being able to help with any questions that you have! 


The Basics and NBA Scoring

The YouTube video posted at the bottom of this page goes over the basics of what someone new to SoRare may have questions on. SoRare’s scoring system is unique relative to DraftKings or FanDuel. I have put it below, similar to FanDuel but turnovers are weighed a little bit more harshly. Also three-pointers are given as a one point boost as well. You will have five NBA Players in each lineup that you do for NBA. If a player has multiple games during the game week, that player’s best performance will be the one scored for the contest. (Joel Embiid scores 40 and 50 in on game week, his scoring output would be 50 for the game week!)

How Does The Salary Cap Work for NBA?

A player’s point cap is determined by their average score over their last 10 games they played. If Kawhi Leonard averages 40 Fantasy Points over his last 10 games. Kawhi’s “cap hit” would be 40! The MVP is the highest capped person in your lineup, in contests that are eligible for the MVP slot, their point cap hit will not be counted against your overall cap.

What Does MLB Scoring  and Lineups Look Like?

There are slight differences in scoring that what the average DFS player would be accustomed to. The lineup that is used is a 7 player lineup featuring a SP, RP, Corner Infielder, Middle Infielder, Outfielder, Flex Hitter, Super Flex (P or H).

The stats are accumulated through the week and are slightly different than NBA’s “Best” Performance score. This showcases that a quality relief pitcher could be the difference maker in your teams and having a strong team is important.

Is This Considered Daily Fantasy Sports?

SoRare is not a Daily Fantasy Sports site. However there are similarities. The game weeks for MLB and NBA both consist of 2 “slates” a week. One is Monday-Thursday, the other is Friday-Sunday.

How Do I Enter Contests?

You don’t pay to enter contests, you pay to buy cards to enter those contests. I.e you don’t have entry fees, can enter a rare contest with five rare players as long as you are under the cap.

What Do The Percentages Under Their Player Card Mean?

It may be noticed that some players have a percentage under their player card. If the card is more rare, it gets a higher percentage. What that means is that the card gets a boost by that percentage. So if Joel Embiid scores 100 fantasy points with a 16% boost. His score on that player-card would be 116. This rewards holding the cards and using them in contests.

Do I Need New Cards Once The Season Ends?

There isn’t an expiration on contest use like Reignmakers, they are not useless after the season. You can use those players for years to come.

Do Any Sites Have Data To Help With Understanding SoRare?

Absolutely yes! SoRareData.com is a great site that can be used to generally help you with purchases and make sure you are getting a good deal and more!


Being with RPS, I can already assume that the ball knowledge y’all have is absolutely immense, that makes it perfect to finally get going on a site like SoRare where you can use that knowledge and make money. If you have any questions, I am always available in the chat @RubioDimes and can be reached on twitter or in the discord at any time! Always happy to help and can’t wait to see y’all shipping with me on SoRare!



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