Luis Castillo, $8600 DK, $9900 FD – I’m just not gonna be spending up much at SP today. Lots of tough matchups, and the hitting spots don’t look super great for the most part either. Very strange slate for a 12-gamer. Castillo is the one I’m willing to play on DK given the relative discount to his talent level and a home matchup, albeit not an easy one, against the Texas Rangers. The nice thing about baseball is you can take big stands and get to try again the next day if you’re wrong. For me, fading almost all of the high priced pitching is the approach I want (and will) take on this slate. Castillo my favorite of the bunch though.


Simeon Woods-Richardson, $7500 DK, $8000 FD – I’m been a fence-sitter on SWR for most of the season but he’s starting to win me over. I don’t think he’s an ace by any means, but increasing velocity and other underlying metrics have me becoming more of a believer than I was in the past. More importantly, the matchup here is the best on the slate against an A’s team that has gone extremely cold over the past couple of weeks and is one of the worst offenses in baseball both now and on the season and will be going forward. Good pitching weather in Minneapolis as well at Target Field and SWR should be safe with more upside than he typically has. Always some worry about how far the Twins will let him pitch into the game, but those worries are less dramatic when the price is low. He’ll be one of my highest owned pitchers tonight.

Hunter Brown, $7200 DK, $8600 FD – Pretty simple, I’m spending down at pitching today as I like to do when given the option and I especially like to do when the high priced pitching has serious question marks. Both are true today and a matchup for Brown with the Tigers awaits. Browns season long stats are never going to recover from a disaster outing early in the season but he’s pitching much better now than he was and this is just a big discount from where he should be priced (at least on DK).

Andrew Heaney, $7000 DK, $7700 FD – I’m not going to compare Andrew Heaney to Garrett Crochet, as they are not in the same universe in terms of pitching talent, but we do need to keep rostering pitchers against this Mariners team, especially in Seattle. Heaney has both of those aspects going for him tonight and will look to keep up the good run of pitching opposing SPs have had in Seattle against the Mariners. I do expect Heaney to gain a lot of ownership tonight so I have him third on this value list but he is certainly in play and I will have exposure for sure.



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