CBB 2020 | Fordham Rams


– returns 82% of minutes
– must replace backcourt scoring
– must stay healthy in the frontcourt
– must improve getting to high % spots on offense
– 61pts allowed per game
– 30 % 3pt defense
– 52 fg attempts allowed per game
– Playing ugly 1h’s allowing less than 30 pts and scoring less than 25

Under Records:
-11-19 to the under in all games by avg 4.5pts
-4-8 in non-conference games by avg 6.0 pts
-5-12-1 at home by avg 4.6 pts
-1-8 as a home favourite by avg 9.2 pts

Fordham will have the same kind of betting value as they did last yr. They play hard nosed defense & with a healthy frontcourt, they should be a more effective offensive rebounding team. With more offensive rebounds it will provide more opportunities for Fordham to miss more jumpers taken by the guards. With similarly skilled personnel to last year and a lack of perimeter shooting options, the path to victories will be to go to the rim with limited success and continue to play fantastic defense.

If Chuba Ohams / Joel Soriano / Onyi Eyisi can stay healthy on the floor in a fluid rotation these guys can change the outlook on the season. They have size/athleticism/run the floor. All things this offense needs in order to spend less time in the half-court. As far as non-conference spots to be looking at: they are slim. Two confirmed games against Iona & St. John’s at the time of writing this.

Iona- lots of moving pieces, new coach could be a spot where the school name gets a cpl points it shouldn’t. Id look at Fordham if they are a 10pt dog or more.
St. John’s- very good defense should be expected, it more of a questions of how St. John’s offense will perform without Lj Figueroa and how many they win this by at home. I’ll be looking at an under if it in the 125-135 range.

When it comes to conference season – I project them to lose a lot except when they are playing George Washington who they had success vs last year. I think they have a tougher time this year
and should focus on beating St Joe’s as the one team they beat during conference season. I think the books will have trouble posting accurate O/U openers. This will benefit us during the year because we will be able to sell points on totals. We have seen them stay under at what would be + prices & i foresee that continuing this year. If they’re going to be some unexpected impact coming from the pine I would nominate Julian Dozier and a healthy Cam Cohn to ignite this offense, however ill need to see it before i believe it.

Author: Maxwell Smart (@cbms420)


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