Bobby’s Stacks, One Offs, And Fades 8/11

If you’re new to this article here is a rundown of what I will cover and this article is more geared towards DraftKings. The goal of this article is to identify my 3-5 favorite stacks, 3-5 favorite one offs, and 3-5 fades. The fades may be a certain stack, pitcher, or chalky one off player. The number of players I list will also be slate dependent.

In my NBA article I talk about low owned studs and mispriced players. In Golf I talk a lot of course fit, popular lineup construction, and win equity. In MLB DFS it’s all about the stacks and there is a lot less “good chalk” in MLB DFS due to the variance game to game. Mike Trout can go 0-4 on any given night, but Giannis Antetokounmpo isn’t going to go for 0 or 10 fantasy points unless he gets hurt. You can also just flat out get unlucky when you player hits a piss missile right an infielder or misses a HR by a couple feet but would’ve been a no doubter at 90% of other ballparks. Process can be right even if the results don’t follow every night.

Hopefully this article will help you round out your lineup with that guy who helps you to top of the leaderboard, gets you off the wrong stack, or helps you play the stack that ships all the cheese.


  • Arizona Diamondbacks
    Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat. Chris Flexen should be in the fucking KBO and the game is in Coors. It’s also only an 8 game slate so the Diamondbacks are going to be massive chalk. I think we see could see 50%+ ownership on multiple guys in SE and even more condensed ownership the higher up you go in stakes. It’s a great spot and I won’t be fading the Diamondbacks. You can lower your cumulative ownership a little bit by fading guys like Carroll or Moreno. If you’re playing the Diamondbacks in SE I would pair them with a really low owned mini stack or play a pitcher like Priester who is projected to be unowned for a unique construction. If you play 2 popular pitchers, 5 man Diamondback stack with Tommy Edman, and some other popular bats I doubt you ship but it’s a good build to min cash with.
  • St. Louis Cardinals
    This is a very affordable stack today and in a really good spot against Sears. Arenado and Goldschmidt are the only really expensive bats for the Cardinals and they face a lefty. I always prefer to stack up the Cardinals against lefties and it’s A’s who also have arguably the worst bullpen in baseball. If you’re looking for stacks that could outscore Arizona I think that the Cardinals are one the best options. I think they’ll be a popular mini with the Diamondbacks but I like the build.
  • San Diego Padres
    I expect them to be low owned and think they’re a really intriguing stack tonight. Rodriguez has been a lot better since being called back up but he has struggled with his control in the big leagues and had trouble with the long ball his first 5 starts. It’s heavily weighted towards his first 5 starts but even after turning it around since his call up he’s still in the bottom 5% of the league in terms of hard hit allowed. I’m not ready to say he’s completely past those struggles and the Padres obviously have a ton of talent. They’ve been inconsistent and underperformed but I think they have slate winning upside. If you play 20+ teams in MLB or MME I absolutely think you should get some exposure here. If you have a first or last mentality in tournaments I think they could ship you all the money tonight especially in SE tournaments where I’m not sure a single Padre is 5% owned.
  • Texas Rangers
    One of the best offenses in baseball and they don’t project for a ton of ownership. I’m happy to play Rangers 5 man stacks or have them as my mini stack with the other offenses I have mentioned. Sandoval is a solid pitcher but the Rangers are pretty right handed heavy so they will have the platoon advantage for most of the game. Sandoval doesn’t have major splits but he’s worse against righties and the right side of the plate is where a majority of the HRs have come.
  • Quinn Priester
    There are plenty of good pitchers on this slate so you don’t need me to tell you to play Glasnow or Mad Max. The Mets have given up on the season and it’s a watered down lineup. The bottom of the order is especially weak. Priester is a solid prospect that has struggled at the big league level but he’s close to min price in a good matchup/good ballpark. I like taking a shot with him but think it’s more of a large field play.
  • Pitcher Pool
    Scherzer, Glasnow, Gilbert, Fried, Darvish, Kelly, Mikolas, and Priester
  • Bonus Stack
    Tampa Bay Rays. Manaea is expected to pitch a good chunk of this game and has been a lot better recently but I like the Rays low owned tonight. More of a large field play but I dig it.


  • Willson Conteras
    Simply too cheap in a good matchup against Sears.
  • Tommy Pham
    Point per dollar might be my favorite play for the Diamondbacks. Tons of power against a guy with reverse splits.
  • Juan Soto
    Projected for no ownership and if the Padres go off I think he’s a major reason why. Like him as an expensive one off as well
  • Luken Baker
    Min priced against Sears. Love it
  • J.P. Martinez
    Another min priced option I like


  • Gabriel Moreno
    Might be the highest owned bat on the slate. If you’re playing Arizona I would fade Moreno in SE
  • Alek Thomas
    Another Arizona guy I like fading in SE for ownership reasons
  • Rafael Ortega
    People will see the recent 17 point game and chase. I named other min priced guys I like above if you need to save salary. Terrible one off
  • Brady Singer
    I would much rather play the Mariners at low ownership


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