Bobby’s Outlook On All 32 NFL Teams

Below are my thoughts on all 32 NFL teams this year. If you’re not already an RPS member make sure to sign up before NFL season with promo code NFL17 for 17% off you membership for life!


Buffalo Bills

  • Win total O/U 10.5. I love the over and expect 2 of the Bills, Chiefs, or Bengals to meet in the AFC championship game again
  • Josh Allen is once again a top 5 QB for fantasy. There have been some rumblings that they want him to run less but I don’t think that’ll come to fruition
  • I am ignoring the Stefon Diggs noise from the off-season. He’s my 4th favorite WR in fantasy this year behind just Jefferson, Chase, and Hill. If the Bills don’t make it to the Super Bowl I can see next offseason being shaky though
  • I love Gabe Davis and where he’s available in Bestball/regular season drafts. He has such a monster ceiling. Downside is I expect him to be a little boom or bust still. In Bestball that especially doesn’t bother me
  • Dalton Kincaid has received a lot of hype and I’m buying it because of the offense. We’ve seen Knox have success in this offense and there’s rumors Kincaid could get some slot snaps. Rookie TE hype usually doesn’t pan out but I’m in on Kincaid
  • Khalil Shakir is someone I don’t mind getting Bestball shares of and could see playing him here and there in DFS
  • Lukewarm on James Cook. If the price is right I don’t mind getting him in Bestball or season long but I don’t have much exposure
  • I’m low on Damien Harris in Buffalo. He’s not going to factor into the pass game and he has a lot of competition for GL carries. You’re going to need an injury or run pure on TDs for him to have any fantasy value


Miami Dolphins

  • Win total O/U is 9.5. AFC East is tougher this year and we don’t know about Tua’s health. I’m not excited to bet their win total but I slightly lean to over just to bet on the upside of the offense + the Jalen Ramsey addition.
  • Mike White should be a slight upgrade as a backup QB. If Tua misses time I’d love to play a cheap Mike White in DFS. I don’t think you’re crazy getting some White shares in the $10 Milly Maker for Bestball with your Dolphins stacks. Tua could retire by the end of the year or be a fantasy stud. Neither outcome would shock me and how he holds up is a huge unknown
  • Tyreek Hill is my 3rd favorite WR for fantasy. Love Tyfreak and I’d pick him over guys like Kupp or Adams
  • Jaylen Waddle is in for another big year
  • I already didn’t trust Jeff Wilson Jr. or Mostert to stay healthy all year and now Wilson Jr. is on the IR
  • I prefer drafting De’Von Achane. It’ll likely be a split in Moster’s favor early but I think Achane is the back you this year for the upside
  • I’m not high on any of the Dolphins TEs or any other pass catcher for Miami. Hill and Waddle are going to have a ton of volume without much competition


New York Jets

  • Win total O/U 8.5. I like the over here with a big upgrade at QB and good weapons on offense.
  • I don’t think the Jets are going to make a Super Run but I think they could make the playoffs and maybe win a game
  • I think Rodgers will be rejuvenated in NY and be solid for fantasy purposes. I don’t think he’s going to be a T5 QB but I think he’ll have some spike weeks and be solid
  • Garrett Wilson is the biggest beneficiary of the QB upgrade and I think he will be awesome in fantasy this year. Seems to have a good rapport with Rodgers and he’ll put up Davante Adams esque numbers
  • I like Allen Lazard as a bench guy for season long. He has Aaron Rodger’s trust which is huge
  • The RB situation is a little messy with the Dalvin Cook signing. I expect it to be closer to 60/40 Dalvin to start the year and Breece Hall to have a bigger workload later in the year. Both RBs should be involved in the pass game quite a bit
  • A worry I have with Hall is that he won’t be as explosive early in the season but I’m hoping he makes up for it with catches + being in a better offense
  • Conklin and Uzomah aren’t worth drafting in season long but I don’t mind if you get a little Conklin in Bestball or stream him in season long
  • Randall Cobb is dusty don’t draft him or play him in DFS
  • I think Mecole Hardman is an interesting late round Bestball pick or guy to stash in a deeper league. Could see him having a couple big games during the season. Rodgers is great at getting a free play when someone jumps offsides. Not an exact comp but think of MVS in Green Bay with Rodgers. Not consistent at all but would have spike weeks and catch some bombs. With Hall and Cook they should be able to get some nice play action going


New England Patriots

  • Team win total is O/U 6.5. I slightly lean the over but I don’t think they’re a playoff team. The AFC is loaded and their division is tough. I don’t like much for fantasy purposes
  • Rhamondre Stevenson is the clear cut best fantasy player on this team. Should be heavily involved in the passing game and have awesome volume. The Zeke signing hurts his ceiling a bit since he’ll lose GL carries but he was awesome last year and only scored 6 TDs.
  • I don’t have much interest in Zeke unless Stevenson gets hurt. He’ll be very touchdown dependent for fantasy
  • Mac Jones is a 2 QB or deep league option only for me for the most part. I’m not excited about him at all
  • Juju is the #1 WR but he didn’t put up great numbers in KC. Now he’s going from Mahomes as his QB to Mac Jones? If the price is right I’ll begrudgingly take him but not a priority
  • DeVante Parker will probably have some decent weeks but again not excited about him either
  • I think Gesicki and Henry will eat into each other’s volume. If both are healthy, you’re flipping a coin in which one you want to start each week. If one of them were the guy I’d like them. If Gesicki misses time and you are streaming TE or want a cheap DFS option I like Hunter Henry. I also think both will have some decent games this year so they’re completely fine late round TE targets for Bestball
  • There’s been some hype around Boutte and Demario Davis. Parker and/or Juju going down could open the door for them to have some fantasy relevance late in the season. Deep leagues or last couple rounds of Bestball you can take a dart throw. Boutte was once thought of as a 1st round pick during his time at LSU


Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Win total is O/U 8.5. I like the under I think Pittsburgh is a decent team this year but the AFC is loaded and the AFC North is one of the better divisions
  • For Bestball I don’t mind Pittsburgh as a secondary stack. You don’t have to go invest crazy draft capital to grab Pickett and a couple of his weapons
  • We see QBs make a leap in year 2 and I think Pickett is a definitely a candidate to take a big step forward this year. In the right matchup I see myself streaming him in season long or playing him in DFS some
  • Diontae Johnson was the first player in NFL history last year to have 85+ catches and 0 TDs. He’s due for positive regression and his ceiling is 100+ catches, 1,000+ yards, and 5+ TDs. Johnson is about as safe and steady as any WR in the league with his volume every year
  • George Pickens is super talented and has a ton of upside. I don’t think he’ll be as consistent as Johnson on a week to week basis but he has a bigger ceiling. Can make ridiculous circus catches and plays down the field
  • I don’t have interest in Allen Robinson for fantasy purposes but I expect him to rebound at least a little from last year. If anything just helps Pickett with another receiving option
  • Pat Freiermuth is a low end TE 1 for season long IMO. I think he’ll be solid this year
  • I’m not touching Najee with a 10 foot pole in season long or Bestball. He got there on volume alone with nearly 300 carries but had just 1 run of 20+ yards all season. Jaylen Warren is in the mix and I’d rather draft him on the cheap. The Pittsburgh OL should be better and the offense should too but the lack of big play upside, a talented backup, and the draft capital to take him is way too rich for my blood. I think he’s a bust this year and Warren could make it closer to a 50/50 or 40/60 split taking away his number 1 fantasy asset which is volume


Cincinnati Bengals

  • Win total O/U 10.5. I’ll take the over for Cincy
  • 2nd pass heaviest offense last year with tons of weapons and an elite QB
  • Love Joe Burrow this year and in a few Bestball drafts I’ve been able to get Burrow, Chase, and Higgins + other Cincy pieces
  • Chase is my 2nd favorite WR behind Justin Jefferson. No surprise he’s really good
  • Feel like people aren’t as high on Tee Higgins this year but he was really good last year just missed some time. He also was pretty rough after the week 17 game against Buffalo. He was the guy Damar Hamlin was trying to tackle. I wonder if he was shaken up and that impacted his play
  • Tyler Boyd is solid and will have some weeks where he pops. In DFS will usually be a cheaper stack option for Burrow doubles
  • Irv Smith Jr. is talented but couldn’t stay healthy or consistent with my Vikings. Like him cheap in Bestball and think he’s a sleeper at TE
  • Joe Mixon had a bit of down year but Perine walked and his role looks secure. Solid in season long
  • Chase Brown was a monster at Illinois in college and looked good in the preseason. One of my favorite late Bestball RBs to take


Cleveland Browns

  • Win total O/U 9.5. I’ll take the under here but whether they go over is mainly on how well Deshaun Watson plays
  • Watson was pretty bad when he first returned last year but was a little better at the end. I’m not as high on him as consensus. He’s not going to be constantly trailing with a terrible defense like he did in Houston. I think he’ll be better this year but I’m not expecting results like in Houston. It really feels like people want Watson to be a thing
  • Amari Cooper is rock solid happy to have him but won’t be reaching for him either
  • Donovan People’s-Jones is another solid guy I’m fine getting to just not a priority
  • David Njoku I’m also fine with and think he’s solid. Sensing a theme with Cleveland?
  • Outside of Nick Chubb I’m not super high on anyone. I like Chubb a lot especially without Kareem Hunt and virtually no competition in the backfield. Similar comp would be Derrick Henry being in a similar situation last year and getting a boost in catches
  • Last guy on the Browns I’ll mention is Cedric Tillman who was a monster at Tennessee. I think he has some upside this year but likely won’t be super consistent. Deep play threat and we’ve historically seen Watson hit those throws. Think of all the success he has with Will Fuller IV


Baltimore Ravens

  • Team win total O/U 10.5. Lean the over I think the Ravens are really good and my semi hot take is that Lamar Jackson will be the #1 QB in fantasy this year.
  • Now I know I’m not going out on a limb that Lamar is good and should finish as one of the best QBs but I think he outscores Mahomes, Allen, Hurts, etc. He finally has real receiving options. For the longest time he’s been throwing to Mark Andrews and basically just scrubs. Now he has Beckham, Flowers, and Bateman in a pass happy offense? Sign me the fuck up. My favorite Bestball teams are when I start Justin Jefferson, Mark Andrews, and Lamar Jackson. Stacking up those two teams with high upside WRs that don’t cost a lot of draft capital like Addison, Flowers, ODB, etc. I’m fine grabbing Hock and going double TE early too
  • Love getting all 3 WRs for Baltimore and Mark Andrews
  • Maybe Andrews takes a dip on volume but I think the offense is even better this year
  • I’m pretty neutral on JK Dobbins I think he should be healthier this year and return to form. Not prioritizing him in drafts but fine getting there


Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Team win total O/U 9.5. Neutral on this one but lean towards the plus money on the under. I think they will have a good offense again especially with the addition of Calvin Ridley but I’ll keep saying it the AFC is really good this year.
  • Trevor Lawrence took a leap last year and I think he continues to get better. I’m happy to get exposure to him in Bestball or draft him in season long if I want longer on drafting a QB
  • I think Calvin Ridley has a big year I am higher on him than consensus and love getting shares of him
  • Christian Kirk was the clear number 1 last year but he’ll cede that to Calvin Ridley but there’s no reason he can’t still have a really good year. He put up numbers next to Deandre Hopkins in Arizona.
  • Zay Jones was a little bit of an underqualified number 2 option last year despite a solid season. I think he regresses a bit this year but give Lawrence another option in the receiving game
  • Evan Engram was unstoppable for a period of time last season and think he’s a solid TE option. I’m happy to include him in Jags stacks in Bestball or draft as a lower end TE 1 for season long
  • I’m not very high on Travis Etienne Jr. based on when you have to draft him. I don’t think he’s a top 10 RB. He didn’t really get GL carries until James Robinson got shipped to the Jets and now Tank Bigsby is there with some hype. Honestly his volume in the receiving game was underwhelming last year as well. Where I have egg on my face with this fade is if he gets significantly more volume in passing game
  • I liked drafting Bigsby earlier in the summer when he cost less to draft but he definitely has upside when it comes to backup RBs you take later in drafts


Indianapolis Colts

  • Team win total O/U 6.5. I’ll take the under here at plus money. No clue what is going to happen with Jonathan Taylor and they have a rookie QB. I don’t think they win a lot of football games but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fantasy interest
  • Anthony Richardson is definitely someone I have been getting to in Bestball and if I don’t get an elite QB in season long I’ll take him and someone steady
  • Michael Pittman Jr. could get off to a slower start as Anthony Richardson gets things figured out so keep an eye on him as a buy low candidate if the Colts offense starts out slow. I like him this year still
  • I like taking Josh Downs late in Bestball. Really talented and could have some ceiling games for a cheap price
  • Alec Pierce is not someone I am excited to draft but think has a fine year. Just not a ton of upside
  • Kylen Grayson/Mo Allie-Cox probably won’t have a ton of relevancy in fantasy this year. Grayson should take a step forward in year 2 and rookie QBs tend to use a TE as their safety blanket early on. Could see playing Grayson as cheap option in DFS throughout the year and don’t mind him a late 3rd TE for Bestball especially if you have Richardson as one of your QBs
  • Jonathan Taylor could be a stud when he returns with a chip on his shoulder, get traded, or sit out a bunch of the year. Tons of risk but I’ve been taking chances on him in the 3rd round or later. In season long and Bestball I 1000% go upside over safety. He could win you your league but if you get nothing out of a 3rd round pick it’s obviously brutal
  • Dion Jackson should be the guy early with Zack Moss recovering from a broken arm. I don’t have much interest in Zach Moss he is what he is at this point in his career. I’d rather take shots late in Bestball on someone like Evan Hull


Tennessee Titans

  • Team win total O/U 7.5. I actually like the over a bit here especially with the addition Deandre Hopkins. Mike Vrabel is a damn good coach and gets more out of his teams. I don’t think they make the playoffs but I wouldn’t shocked if they did or just won 8-9 games
  • Ryan Tannehill isn’t someone that I’m excited about for fantasy but he should be able to get the ball to Hopkins and Burks. In the right matchup I would stack the Titans in DFS and if you want to stack them in Bestball should be pretty cheap draft capital wise outside of the Big Dog
  • I’m interested in Deandre Hopkins at reduced price tag from previous years. Outside of Burks he doesn’t have a ton of competition for targets but the defense can’t just focus on him with Henry and Burks
  • Burks doesn’t seem to have a lot of hype but he was really solid in his rookie year. Nuke will draw the tougher assignment each week too
  • Chig Okonkwo fits the profile of a late round TE that has upside but a low floor
  • I’m in on Derrick Henry again this year. He’s getting older but I expect another huge workload and he’s been more involved in the passing game in recent years. With how high WRs go in drafts now you get him later than years past
  • Tyjae Spears is talented backup that I like grabbing late in Bestball or if you’re in a deeper league is worth stashing


Houston Texans

  • Team win total O/U 6.5. I’m on the under here I think there will be growing pains with CJ Stroud as a rookie QB and they won’t win many games
  • I’ve been taking Stroud quite a bit in Bestball drafts and will have my eye on possibly picking him up in season long. I think the game script will benefit him and he’ll be throwing a lot. It’s cheap to pair him with Collins, Dell and one other pass catcher as well
  • I drafted Pierce quite a bit last year. I think he’ll have a solid season but I think they’ll be trailing quite a bit and with Singletary there too not sure week to week how much volume in the pass game he will have. If the price is right I will take him but not an RB that I am prioritizing
  • Devin Singletary is really just handcuff/late round Bestball flier if something happens to Pierce
  • Nico Collins should be the #1 WR in Houston and I expect him to grab it. I’m happy to draft him in Bestball/season long
  • Tank Dell may end up being my highest owned WR in Bestball. I always grab him at the end of drafts I think this kid is really good and he’s going to force his way into more playing time as the season goes along. His ADP has moved up but I will still pay the market rate
  • Robert Woods best days are clearly behind him but having a vet like him in the locker room is good for a young team like the Texans. Gives Stroud a steady option in the receiving game as well but I don’t think he turns back the clock and has big fantasy impact
  • I’ve mentioned it before but rookie QBs like throwing to the TE and Dalton Schultz got a decent sized 1-year deal from Houston too. I think he’ll have a really solid role in the offense that outperforms expectations


Denver Broncos

  • Team win total O/U 8.5. Broncos countryyyyyyy let’s ride! As someone who lost quite a bit of money last year on the Broncos, I’m ready to get hurt again. I like the over for Denver especially with the coaching upgrade. Although as a Vikings fan I fucking hate Sean Payton
  • Russell Wilson is so cheap in Bestball and it’s easy to pair him with all of his weapons. Big fan of Denver as a secondary offense to pair with a Baltimore, KC, Philly, etc.
  • Cortland Sutton will get a lot of volume early in the season with Jeudy likely out for 1-3 games. I think he’s the 1A in this offense
  • Jeudy avoided being placed on the short-term IR and I am guessing he misses only 1 or 2 games. He was a monster at the end of the season last year and I think he’s the 1B to Sutton in this offense. I hope he falls a bit in drafts with people worried about the injury
  • With Tim Patrick Jr. out for the year and Jeudy banged up, Marvin Mims Jr. has a great chance to carve out a bigger role. Like him in Bestball
  • I like Dulcich slightly more than Trautman who is currently listed as the starter. I think they cut into each other a little bit but with all the injuries they’ve had at WR I think it will mean at least early in the year some extra volume heading their way
  • Javonte Williams seems to be progressing quicker than folks expect and I am bullish on him over the course of the season but they did pay Perine and I’m not sure he will be as explosive right away. If the price is right I’m taking him but not reaching for him and I’m not investing much in Perine for Bestball or season long


Kansas City Chiefs

  • Team win total O/U 11.5. I’ll take the over for the Chiefs will likely face the Bills or Bengals in the AFC Championship
  • Patrick Mahomes is a all-time great already and he’ll be a stud again this year. I actually think he has more weapons at his disposal than he did last year. Love Mahomes and it’s tough to get him and Kelce in Bestball at times but I love pairing them up. The thing I particularly love about drafting Mahomes in Bestball is I don’t have to play the guessing game like I will in DFS on who is going to be the guy each week. Other than Kelce none of the KC pass catchers require early draft picks
  • Travis Kelce is the #5 pick for me in season long and Bestball. I was already lower on Kupp but now the injury seems more serious and the Rams are dogshit. You have a monster advantage at TE and get to play a T5 WR while you opponent may be streaming some guy he’s hoping to get 10 points from
  • Skyy Moore has continued to climb up boards and is a solid pick
  • Kadarius Toney just can’t stay healthy unfortunately I want to be in but I just can’t do it unless I get a nice discount. I’ll play him in DFS when he’s healthy
  • Rashee Rice was an early pick but it seems like Richie James is ahead of him right now. I love taking James late and I will continue to take shots on Rice more of a boom/bust pick
  • MVS has been in the system and has some chemistry with Mahomes he’ll have big games throughout the year you’ll have a hard time guessing right when it happens
  • Isiah Pacheco I expect him to dominate the early down and goal line work for one of the best offenses in the league but not do much in the passing game. Like him but don’t love him
  • Jerick McKinnon should get most of the passing down work and is a really good pass blocker. In DFS depending on what I think the game script is will dictate which RB I like more week to week


Los Angeles Chargers

  • Team win total O/U 9.5. I think I’m on the over slightly but the Chargers just always find a way to choke. It’s in the franchise’s DNA. So, while I think they’re a solid team I’m not dying to bet this team total
  • Justin Herbert should be better setup for success this year with Kellen Moore as his offensive coordinator and I expect to push the ball down the field more. I expect a bounce back from Herbert this season
  • I was originally lower on Keenan Allen this year and at his age I feel like a drop off is coming but the offense is going to be really good and reports have good out of camp
  • With the offense going down the field more I think it’ll benefit Mike Williams. I think it’ll be closer to a 1A and 1B this year
  • Quentin Johnston may not start the year fast but I expect a pretty good season for the 21st overall pick
  • I’m not high on Josh Palmer with the addition of Quentin Johnston. I don’t think he’ll be a fantasy impact unless there is an injury
  • Gerald Everett is another solid option in the pass game for Herbert and he’ll have some decent production but not a major target in season long or Bestball. If I have a Chargers stack in Bestball I’m happy to draft Everett later on


Las Vegas Raiders

  • Team win total O/U 6.5. I think the offense has solid pieces but I don’t think they are going to be a serious threat to make the playoffs
  • Jimmy G is better at being handsome than he is a real NFL QB and staying healthy. I think with the pieces they have on offense he can put up solid numbers but isn’t a priority in drafts or Bestball
  • Davante Adams should have another good season I think Jimmy G will be able to get him the ball but if he goes down and Hoyer is the QB I think he takes a hit
  • Jakobi Meyers/Hunter Renfrow are both solid WRs and Meyers had a nice season with Mac Jones last year. I like Meyers more than Renfrow
  • Michael Mayer>Austin Hooper



Washington Commanders

  • Team win total O/U 6.5. I’ll take the under but I don’t have a strong take.
  • Sam Howell getting the starting job surprised some and I don’t think he has a tight grip but he has solid weapons on offense.
  • Terry McLaurin is someone I am happy to draft. Brissett is one of the better backup QBs in the league so even if Howell struggles he should be fine
  • Jahan Dotson I think the hype is a little much with how much he’s climbed ADP wise. I don’t dislike him I’m just not a fan of the price it costs to get him in Bestball or season long
  • Curtis Samuel is someone you can’t really trust to stay healthy but he get produce in a number of different ways. With Dotson’s emergence I don’t think he has as much of an impact fantasy wise this year
  • Logan Thomas should be solid if he can stay healthy and doesn’t have much competition behind him
  • Gibson>Robinson Jr. for me. Both guys should be RB2/Flex options most weeks


New York Giants

  • Team win total O/U 7.5. The NFC is weaker this year I like the over on the Giants and think they could be a Wild Card team. I’m picking Philly to win the division but they’re a solid and well coached team
  • Danny Dimes has a lot of solid weapons and one awesome weapon with Saquon Barkley. I don’t love it if he’s my #1 QB and I don’t love where he goes in Bestball but I think he has another good year
  • Saquon Barkley will be a T5 RB this year. Love him in season long and Bestball
  • I like taking Giants WRs more in Bestball than in season long because I don’t think they have a clear #1 WR and Darren Waller is essentially the #1 WR
  • I’d rank the Giants WRs as Slayton>Shepard>Hodgins>Hyatt>Campbell>Robinson
  • I love Darren Waller this year. If I’m doing Giants stacks in Bestball he’s a must


Dallas Cowboys

  • Team win total O/U 10.5. I lean under but I don’t feel strongly and think it’s a stay away bet personally. Their success depends on if Dak can stay healthy and play well
  • Love Tony Pollard in all formats. I think someone else carves out a decent size workload in the offense and Pollard is less efficient with his touches but the volume will more than make up for that
  • Deuce Vaughn is who I think will be that 2nd RB that has a real role. I’m buying the hype and think that he has a real role in the offense. If Pollard misses time, I think he could be a low end RB1 or solid RB2
  • Rico Dowdle should get some base carry work but I don’t think there is much fantasy upside unless Pollard gets hurt
  • CeeDee Lamb is clearly the #1 WR for Dallas
  • Brandin Cooks>Michael Gallup but I like Gallup too. Happy to stack this offense up in Bestball drafts
  • Curious to see if one of the TEs becomes the clear #1 throughout the year or if a guessing game each week. I prefer betting on Schoonmaker. We’ve see the starting TE have fantasy value in this offense


Philadelphia Eagles

  • Team win total O/U 11.5. I’ll take the over in a weak NFC this year and arguably the best offense in football returning all their main weapons. I think they upgraded at RB too
  • Jalen Hurts should be a T5 QB in fantasy once again and is certainly in the conversation to be #1. It’s really tough to double stack him with Brown and Smith in Bestball but if you can pull it off I think it’s an awesome way to draft and not many will have this build
  • AJ Brown’s ceiling is the #1 WR in fantasy and his floor is probably 12th
  • Devonte Smith is close to a 1B in this offense love him as well
  • Dallas Goedert is a borderline T5 TE and obviously no longer has to compete with Ertz for targets. The volume in this offense will be heavily condensed to Brown, Smith, and Goedert. Hurts doesn’t throw to RBs a ton and outside of the main 3 pass catchers there isn’t much behind them
  • I rank the Eagles RBs Swift>Penny>Gainwell
  • Unless someone asserts themselves this is going to be an annoying backfield for DFS and season long. I think Swift will have more ceiling games and the most volume but I’m anticipating an annoying split at least early on


Minnesota Vikings

  • Team win total O/U 8.5. I think this is a smash the over situation but obviously I am biased. The NFC North isn’t a very good division and I think the Vikings should be the favorite to win it. They have the best QB and offense as a whole. I don’t think anyone has a very good defense including my Vikings but I’d say Green Bay probably has the best defense. So for fantasy purposes these division games should be high scoring all year
  • I’m thrilled getting a Vikings stack as a secondary one in Bestball even if I can’t grab Jefferson with Kirk + weapons
  • Justin Jefferson will be the #1 WR and an absolute stud
  • I’m fine with Kirk as my QB 1 in season long or Bestball. I don’t think our defense will be good once again and he should have plenty of good game scripts
  • Jordan Addison has a ton of upside and one of my highest owned mid range guys in Bestball
  • TJ Hockenson easily could be a T5 TE in fantasy
  • KJ Osborn will likely be pretty boom/bust week to week but I like him as a late round in Bestball or throughout the year a low owned 2nd guy to add to Vikings doubles
  • Alexander Mattison is my highest owned player in Bestball. I think he will have workhorse type volume which is rare in a really good offense
  • Ty Chandler is a fine flier for Bestball and the handcuff I’d want


Green Bay Packers

  • Team win total O/U 7.5. Pretty neutral on this number for Green Bay. I don’t think they’re a playoff team but I’m slightly more optimistic on Jordan Love and the offense as a whole than I was at the beginning of the offseason
  • Jordan Love isn’t someone I have taken much of in Bestball but if I am stacking Green Bay I have to get Christian Watson and ideally want Aaron Jones + Jaylen Reed as well
  • Reed>Doubs in fantasy this year
  • I like Aaron Jones more than the market
  • AJ Dillon is a guy that I’m not going out of my way to draft but if the price is right I’ll bite
  • Luke Musgrave is drawing some hype heading into the year and I don’t mind taking a late flier in Bestball but rookie TEs rarely live up to the hype


Detroit Lions

  • Team win total O/U 9.5. Good offense and well coached team. If my Vikings don’t win the division I think Detroit wins it and could also be a Wild Card team in the NFC.
  • Jared Goff is what he is at this point but he has plenty of weapons in this offense. You can stream him with the right matchup and stack the Lions up in Bestball. I’d avoid Goff against tough defenses and cold weather
  • Jameson Williams isn’t someone I want to draft in your typical 10 or 12 man league really with how time he is going to miss but I do want to draft him in Bestball and pick him up closer to his return. I think he has a lot of upside down the stretch
  • Josh Reynolds>Marvin Jones Jr. while Williams is suspended
  • I think Sam LaPorta should be included in your Lions Bestball stacks and is worth keeping an eye on as a streaming option in season long/a cheap DFS option early in the season especially with Williams out
  • Gibbs could end up being a #1 RB in season long and I like taking guys like him in Bestball with his ceiling + skills in the passing game
  • I’m pretty low on David Montgomery I don’t think he’ll get much work in the passing game and you’re going to need an injury to Gibbs or TDs for him to be valuable in fantasy


Chicago Bears

  • Team win total O/U 7.5. I’ll lean towards the under because I am less of a believer in Justin Fields than most. Fading him in DFS last year when he went on that ridiculous run was very expensive but I don’t think these long runs are sustainable and over the offseason teams find a way to contain him. There’s definitely downside to my take here and he’s Jalen Hurts Lite. I was low on Hurts last year because of his accuracy issues but he proved me and everyone else wrong
  • I don’t mind getting some Khalil Herbert at the right price but I don’t think he dominates the backfield touches
  • D’Onta Foreman was solid last year for the Panthers but Fields is going to score at the goal line
  • Roschon Johnson is late round Bestball pick that I like especially with Foreman hurt and apparently he could’ve been cut before the injury
  • DJ Moore should have a solid season and seems to have developed a rapport with Fields but I’m not excited about the price I have to pay to get him in drafts
  • Mooney>Claypool for me. I really like Mooney as a player
  • If I am making Bears stacks in Bestball I am making sure I get Cole Kmet +DJ Moore. Kmet should be a low end TE 1


New Orleans Saints

  • Team win total O/U 9.5. I’ll take the under for the Saints. I’ve seen enough from Carr that he is what he is and don’t think the Saints will be very good in terms of wins and losses. I like a decent amount of their weapons and think Carr supports them
  • The counterargument to the under is that the NFC South is dogshit and they have an easy schedule and honestly, it’s a good rebuttal
  • Slant Boy (Michael Thomas) is someone I personally really dislike as a Vikings fan but he seems healthy finally and I’ve taken him a ton in Bestball. I think he’s an awesome value
  • Chris Olave should continue to be a stud I haven’t drafted him a ton just based on the guys around him. The best case against Olave is that Thomas comes back as the #1 and takes volume away from him. I think the offense can definitely support them both and they run totally different routes
  • I think Alvin Kamara is a really good value and believe he rebounds despite the crowded backfield/disappointing year last season
  • Jamaal Williams should be the guy early with Kamara suspended and Miller being a rookie/banged at times in the offseason
  • I think Miller is an awesome late round guy for Bestball
  • If I drafted guys like Taylor, Kamara, Hall, or Javonte Williams who are returning from major injuries Jamaal Williams is a guy who can help me in the early weeks to get by until those guys return for me


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Team win total O/U 6.5. I’ll take the under their QB play is going to be a fucking disaster with Brady retiring
  • I haven’t been drafting Godwin or Evans really at all in Bestball or season long with how bad their QB is going to be. You can make the case that there’s value based on their talent but I’m out on this offense
  • Godwin>Evans if I had to pick between them
  • Baker acting in Progressive Commercials>playing QB. Get Johnny Maziel off the couch to throw bombs to his buddy Mike Evans instead. It would actually be entertaining at least (Have the Johnny Football doc on my mind. Absolutely watch it if you haven’t already)
  • Rachaad White is talented and I’ll take him the price is right but again I’m just super low on this offense


Atlanta Falcons

  • Team win total O/U 8.5. I’ll take the over and think they have the 2nd best shot to win the division behind the Saints
  • This offense has the chance to be a lot of fun but the floor is really low as well
  • Ridder has fantasy upside. I’d consider streaming him in the right matchup or playing on the cheap in DFS. Not drafting in season long and don’t have much in Bestball
  • Bijan Robinson is the real deal and I think he has a great rookie year. I am a little worried that the Falcons are donkeys and give Allgeier +Patterson too many touches
  • Kyle Pitts breakout year? I think it’s possible I am holding on to my Pitts stock and hoping the Falcons get him involved more this year. Upside to be a T3 TE but the floor is unstartable
  • Drake London is super talented and I like taking shots on him in season long + Bestball
  • I don’t have really any other interest in the Falcons pass game. I don’t think it can really support anyone else being viable besides the guys I mentioned


Carolina Panthers

  • Team win total O/U 7.5. I’ll take the under and don’t think they’re going to be good this year
  • I haven’t taken much of this team in Bestball and I am not scared of the fade
  • Miles Sanders won’t be in the Eagles run friendly scheme and I think he struggles and/or struggles to stay healthy. I’d rather take a shot on Hubbard late
  • Thielen>Mingo>Chark for the season. Mingo has the highest ceiling but I think Thielen scores the most points on the year
  • Young may go to Hurst at a decent clip being a rookie QB but I don’t think Hurst has a lot of upside for fantasy
  • This team has a rookie QB and spent some money on aging veterans. It’s a situation that nobody is going to have really high volume and there isn’t elite talent on this offense. I hate situations like this for fantasy


San Francisco 49ers

  • Team win total O/U 10.5. I think the 49ers are the 2nd best team in the NFC and win the division. I’ll take the over and would be shocked if they don’t win their division
  • CMC should be back to being the #1 RB in fantasy. Best argument against him is SF wants to keep him healthy and limits his workload a bit but it’s such a good situation that I don’t buy into it
  • Elijah Mitchell is one if not the most valuable handcuff in fantasy. Worth stashing deeper leagues and grabbing in Bestball. He’s a low end RB 1 if CMC is hurt and he himself can stay healthy
  • I like the price tag on Aiyuk better than Deebo. Deebo isn’t running like he did before and there’s less of a need/want to do that with CMC here
  • Outside of Showdown I don’t see myself playing any other WRs in SF this year
  • Kittle will be a T5 TE this year but the downside to having him is that he can be pretty boom/bust. Great for Bestball especially if you had a steady guy or two to get you 8-10 on Kittle’s down weeks


Los Angeles Rams

  • Team win total O/U 6.5. I think this team will be a total dumpster fire and Kupp’s injury being more serious is even more reason to be down on this team in fantasy
  • I don’t know if Stafford stays healthy all year and could them shut him down again early
  • I’m avoiding Kupp in all formats. If he’s healthy for a bit this year DFS is the only avenue I have really any exposure
  • With the Kupp health concerns I wouldn’t be surprised to see Van Jefferson finish with the most points on this team at the WR position. I think he’s a decent guy to take
  • Higbee should be decent early in the year
  • I love taking a late round flier on Kyren Williams or Zach Evans in Bestball. I can see them being a difference maker in Bestball or starting by the end of the year
  • I’m very low on Cam Akers. He has to fall a lot for me to draft him and I don’t think he has a secure hold on this job especially when it becomes a lost season for the Rams


Seattle Seahawks

  • Team win total O/U 9.5. It took me forever to believe in the Seattle offense last year but I am in on it this year especially with the additions they made this offseason. Give me the over and I think they’re a Wild Card team
  • I love stacking this team up in Bestball based on the draft capital you have to invest
  • DK Metcalf should have another awesome season
  • I’d rather draft JSN than Lockett in fantasy but I keep expecting Lockett to fall off a bit but he keeps producing
  • I think Walker is a solid RB #2 if he stays healthy and Charbonnet is more of a flex option at best if they’re both healthy. If Walker misses time and I would venture to guess that he misses a little time Charbonnet is very valuable those week. Seattle used a 2nd round pick on Charbonnet they’re going to have some role for him


Arizona Cardinals

  • Team win total O/U 3.5. The Cardinals look like they will be the worst team in the league and are actively tanking. I think we see Kyler for part of the season to show teams he’s healthy for trade but I don’t think we see him for 10+ games
  • I’m am completely fading James Conner. There’s no reason for them to want to feed him all year and not give reps to younger guys
  • I’m low on Moore and Brown as long as Kyler is out. Could see Brown traded at the deadline
  • I think Greg Dortch is really good late round WR for Bestball drafts. I have a lot and if they’re tanking I could see someone like Brown sitting down the stretch
  • I’m out on Ertz I could see him getting traded and if the situation was right maybe wanting to buy-in depending on the landing spot
  • The Cardinals used a 2nd round pick on Trey McBride last year and I’m bullish on him especially on a tanking team with potentially scrub QBs who will likely funnel targets his way. Good upside 3rd TE to add to your Bestball squad


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