Best Ball Strategy Series: Analyzing Best Ball Playoff Schedules

My weekly best ball strategy tip of the week video was about best ball playoff schedules. Cue the Jim Mora gif…but yes, we are talking about playoffs! Best Ball playoffs are weeks 15-17 (Dec. 14-18, Dec. 21-25, Dec. 28-31). Pretty amazing way to spend your holidays, right?!

It may seem like a galaxy brain strategy to analyze teams’ best ball playoff schedules (weeks 15-17), but any extra layers to can add to your best ball process and drafting strategy may give you the micro edges you need to succeed.

Our friends at analyzed all 32 teams playoff schedules here. I look at three main factors when analyzing teams’ best ball playoff schedules.

1 – The defensive match-up for the offense

2 – Potential Shootouts

3- Weather/game environment

I think it is important to look at the entire playoff schedule for each team, and not just week 17. We have to get to week 17 for a chance at all the money, and then we want a well-built team with a chance to succeed in Week 17.

I will analyze the defensive matchups when we get closer to the season. Today, I want to highlight potential shootouts throughout the best ball playoff schedule and weather/dome games in the best ball playoffs.


*Note:  These teams have 2 of the 3 playoff weeks that I identified as a potential shootout. This is hard to predict in June, but it is something to consider.

-Baltimore – @Jacksonville, @ San Francisco, Miami

-Buffalo – Dallas, @ LA Chargers, New England

-Cincinnati – Minnesota, @ Pittsburgh, @KC

-Dallas – @Buffalo, @Miami, Detroit

-Denver – @Detroit, New England, LA Chargers

-Detriot – Denver, @Minnesota, @Dallas

-Kansas City – @New England, Las Vegas, Cincinnati

-Vegas – LA Chargers, @KC, @Indy

-LA Chargers – @Las Vegas, Buffalo, @Denver

-Miami – NY Jets, Dallas, @Baltimore

-Minnesota – @Cincinatti, Detroit, Green Bay



Good Weather Spots:

*Note:  These teams have 2 of the 3 playoff weeks in either domes or warm weather locations. I have identified the following teams as warm weather locations for December and dome locations:  Arizona, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, LAC, LAR, Miami, Minnesota, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, and San Francisco.

-Baltimore – @Jacksonville, @ San Francisco, Miami

-Dallas – @Buffalo, @Miami, Detroit

-Detroit – Denver, @Minnesota, @Dallas

-Houston – @Tennessee, Cleveland, Tennessee

-Indianapolis – Pittsburgh, @Atlanta, Las Vegas

-Jacksonville – Baltimore, @Tampa Bay, Carolina

-LA Rams – Washington, New Orleans, @NY Giants

-LA Chargers –@Las Vegas, Buffalo, @Denver

-Las Vegas -LA Chargers, @KC, @Indy

-Miami – NY Jets, Dallas, @Baltimore

-Minnesota – @Cincinatti, Detroit, Green Bay

-New Orleans – NY Giants, @LA Rams, @Tampa Bay

-San Francisco – @Arizona, Baltimore, @Washington

-Tampa Bay – @Green Bay, Jacksonville, New Orleans


Bad Weather Spots:

*Note:  These teams have 2 of the 3 playoff weeks in “bad” weather spots. We cannot predict the weather in June for late December. However, these five team locations, consistently have dicey winter weather in late December:  Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Green Bay, and New England.

-Buffalo – Dallas, @ LA Chargers, New England (two home games in Buffalo – awesome week 16 game environment in dome though)

-Chicago – @Cleveland, Arizona, Atlanta (one in Cleveland and two games in Chicago…brrrrrr)

-Cleveland – Chicago, @Houston, NY Jets (two home games in Cleveland)

-New England  – KC, @Denver, @Buffalo (one home game and week 17 in Buffalo)


I think the key to all this information is to use it to help make decisions, but not take it as gospel. For weather, we won’t know until December what the weather will be in the cold weather locations or even the more potentially neutral locations like the northeast and midwest.

Am I going to totally fade teams like Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, and New England? Absolutely not, especially offenses I am high on like Buffalo and Cleveland. But will I perhaps add an extra QB/team stack on Josh Allen, Justin Fields, and Deshaun Watson teams? I probably will on a good chunk of those stacks to give it multiple outs in playoffs. It also makes me like the running backs from those teams even more. I already loved Nick Chubb going into the season and now seeing the schedule, it makes me want even more shares of him.

And will I have 100% Jared Goff stacks with 3 dome games and multiple projected shootouts in the best ball playoffs? No, but I’ll have plenty of shares of Goff stacks and the Lions overall. I already liked the Lions’ offense and wanted to stack them up and get a lot of access to them in best ball. And the same goes for other teams that are on both the “good weather” list and have multiple projected shootouts in playoffs. I will probably want more stacks and exposure to those teams like the Lions, Cowboys, Chargers, Ravens, Dolphins, and Vikings.

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