Best Ball Interview Series: VIP

The RunPureSports Best Ball interview series continues! And this week I talked to RunPure’s very own VIP about his best ball experiences and strategies.

The great thing about best ball, is you can have different player takes and strategies and still find a path to success. Just like DFS, you can play best ball differently and that doesn’t make it right or wrong. It’s quite interesting to hear different best ball players’ strategies and stories of success. And that’s what makes this RPS interview series so fun!

So let’s hear VIP!

How long have you played best ball?

I have dabbled in Best Ball’s for the past 2-3 years but really got deep into last year and this year. I think I used it as a way to start my research into season-long leagues. But the more I’ve drafted and researched, the more I realized the different strategies and lineup construction methodologies.


Why do you love best ball?

I really do love the sweat of the year-long experience here. You get to be early-on players (rookies, sleepers, buried in the depth chart) that are either an injury away or play themselves into a big contributing role! You truly can be “first” on someone.


“Best” best ball experience?

Haven’t had that “big” win yet, but it’s definitely coming!! $$$


Which best ball site do you like the best?

I’ve only really done DraftKings and UnderDog for Best Balls. I think each has its strengths and weakness. Obviously, the prize pools are serious this year, so both are going to be a fun sweat. I almost feel that because Draftkings has such a bigger name, they may be able to attract a few more casuals that will play and thus can create a chance in some drafts to really get some good value but at the end of the day, you’re competing against sooo many sharps that you gotta have that lucky horseshoe helping all year!


Favorite lineup construction for best ball?

I think letting the draft come to me and adapting as I go is how I construct my lineups. Now most of the time will try to do 2-3 QBs, 4-6 RBs, 7-9 WRs, and 2-3 TEs and just see how the draft unravels.


Favorite best ball strategy?

IDK if I have a favorite strategy now. I think we’ve gone through so many cycles of “running back heavy”/”Zero RB”/”WR early+QB” etc etc etc that each draft now is more let it come to me and then understand how to adapt on the fly. I think correlation is key within Best Balls and something that I definitely do. I try to pick 2/3 teams to stack after the studs are gone and go heavy on my favorite offenses. I feel like understanding your opponent (11 people you are against) is as much of a strategy and zigging where they are zagging as picking your players.


Favorite Early Round Pick in 2023?

I think I get impeached from the President of the Cowboys fan club if I don’t say Ceedee Lamb or Pollard lol but I think I love the bounce back for Kupp (not sneaky) this year. I also really like the Jags offense, think they take the next step. And DJ Moore, I think he’s gonna get ALLLL the targets there and a great 4th/5th round snag.


Favorite Late-Round Pick in 2023?

This is really dependent on the teams I’m stacking. If it’s a rookie TE or undrafted WR who’s been getting huge praise in the off-season. This is where you get to plant your flags based on your team’s drafting. A few I think that are fun are Jeff Wilson, Josh Downs, Ty Chandler, Nathaniel Dell, Tyjae Spears, and Puka Nacua.










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