Best Ball Interview Series: RubioDimes

The RunPureSports Best Ball interview series concludes this week with our very own RubioDimes! I talked to Rubio about his best ball experiences and strategies.

The great thing about best ball, is you can have different player takes and strategies and still find a path to success. Just like DFS, you can play best ball differently and that doesn’t make it right or wrong. It’s quite interesting to hear different best ball players’ strategies and stories of success. And that’s what makes this RPS interview series so fun!

So let’s hear from Rubio!

How long have you played best ball?

I’ve dabbled in the Best Ball streets a little bit, never going all out to MME until this year though. The first year I played I did a few drafts on DK and ended up falling just one round short of the finals. Was damn close, but now chasing that big win. Last year I had great success *Borat tribute* in the playoff Best Ball format. I was drafting teams the night before the playoffs started because I couldn’t sleep, and ended up getting 2 mostly dead teams into the final round as well! Very fun format though and I can’t wait to crush it this year.


Why do you love best ball?

There’s edge, I love playing DFS when there is an edge. No matter the sport and while the daily isn’t necessarily there with Best Ball, there’s a significant edge, and putting yourself in a position to win is all you can ask for. I love the amount of strategies that can go into a draft. The nuances of everything that we do as well. We’re likely a group of people who have played fantasy football all our lives. Best Ball gives that taste of the season-long format while getting some major money down in the process.


“Best” best ball experience?

Since I only dabbled, it was quite a bit of fun making the playoffs’ best ball final last year. Obviously, that format is a bit different where you move on after each round of the playoffs and I ended up having a Chiefs-49ers stack and a Bengals-49ers stack make the last 80 teams. Obviously, with the 49ers failing badly to the Eagles, both of those teams didn’t have a shot to make the final, but was still extremely fun.


Which best ball site do you like the best?

DraftKings all the way, and not because they gave me a bucket hat. I just like the UI quite a bit albeit the colors on Underdog are so sick. The music that you get when it is your turn to pick on DraftKings reminds me of the old Sportscenter days too. Def gets me in the mood to draft Best Ball teams. Also, I don’t think it is a secret anymore, DraftKings seems to have a less sharp field which is GREAT for ROI.


Favorite lineup construction for best ball?

So one thing I’m fiddling with right now is with a stacked WR corp that you get when playing 0 RB teams is how many WR’s do you need? I’m thinking the number is 7 right now on Underdog, and 8-9 on DK (Since DK obviously has 2 extra rounds).

On DK my first team that I drafted was a 3QB – 6RB – 8WR – 3TE team. I don’t hate that at all. I usually only want two QB’s ever but my main QB was Jalen Hurts, he takes a few hits, causing me to draft that third QB though it is not something I usually do. 

On Underdog I also like taking 6 RB’s the reason being though is I’m bullish on the amount of running backs that can impact a team. There’s so many RB’s nowadays with at least a role in the offense and are an injury away from being the feature back. To me with these late-round picks there’s way more upside going to a 2nd string RB than a 3rd-4th string WR.


Favorite best ball strategy?

0 RB all the way. I’m sure we will talk about this on shows, but I love the idea of waiting at least 6-7 picks before my first RB goes off the board. I just think in this day and age, WR’s are just so important and it is even more apparent on DK where the full point PPR brings so many of these RB’s into play that get cut a few points compared to Underdog. I love stacking up my WR’s and making sure I get the stacks for my QB’s. I won’t go completely out of the way to not take a Running Back early, but def is not my target.


Favorite Early Round Pick in 2023?

Tail end of the first-round, I love CeeDee Lamb. Think he has a major year, potentially leading the league in catches. I really like the outlook for him to have a huge year. There was some talk with Amari Cooper a year ago who basically said the reason Lamb was being held back was because of Kellen Moore. Well, Moore is gone now, big things for the former Sooner this season.


Favorite Late-Round Pick in 2023?

Chase Brown – Samaje Perine was extremely effective for the Bengals last year. This may be considered a homer pick but the dudes going ahead of Brown right now will look silly come August when Brown is looking sure-fire to be the #2 guy this year behind Mixon. He was a stud in college and had good hands as well. Legit the only question with him is: Will he be able to pass-block effectively to stay on the field? I’m willing to bet on yes. He’s my guy I’ll be very overweight on and can’t wait to see him make an immediate impact this season.












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