College Football Friday Night DraftKings and Fanduel 10-16

We have a solid 2 game appetizer before the main course of tomorrow’s games gets here.  It’s almost as perfect as a 2 gamer can be with both games totals over 60.  SMU is a 7 point favorite over Tulane with a total of 65.  They are replacing some guys due to injury and I’ll get into who that affects and who benefits from it below.  BYU is a 4.5 point favorite over Houston with a game total of 62.  I like BYU’s ability to do whatever they want on offense.  Houston’s passing game will be chalky due to this game script most likely.  

College Football Week 7 for DraftKings 10-17

Another great week of College Football awaits us this week.  Last week, we got annihilated by the concussion to Brennan Armstrong and the disappearance of Jake Smith but mostly turned out okay.  Once again we were on Sam Ehlinger and he once again was in the optimal lineup, scoring a mere 55.68 dk points.

College Football Week 0

College Football Week 0 College Football is back with a nice 3 game slate!  The first couple of weeks are always “News Slates” and a lot of reading and watching spring games are involved.  I try to go with a lighter bankroll until I see how teams are going to utilize their guys but that […]

College Football Week 6 Night Slate DraftKings

There are some really good offensive spots on this late slate.  We always like to target QBs with rushing upside and there are a few.  Terry Wilson against Miss State is a good price against a team that should be throwing a ton.

College Football Saturday 10-3 for DraftKings and FD

There are some big team totals this weekend specifically Memphis at SMU, TCU at Texas, and Ole Miss traveling to Kentucky. Sam Ehlinger put up a performance that can’t be matched last week, leading Texas to a come from behind win against Texas Tech. He takes on a TCU team and gave up a ton of big plays last week against a boring Iowa State offense.

Week 8 College Football Slate for DraftKings 10-24

Welcome to College Football Week 8.  Welcome to the Big 10 and the MWC (on FanDuel at least).  Last week, we had several takedowns due to Memphis and UCF going crazy.  As you could expect, the optimal included 5 guys from that game (Brady White, O’Keefe, Calvin Austin, Jaylon Robinson and Gabriel) along with Leddie Brown, who was our pivot off chalky Etienne in GPPs.  Also included was Isaiah Spiller at RB and the returning Treylon Burks.  Treylon maybe made the catch of the year in the back corner of the end zone and I believe he might be a top 5 WR in the country.  Alright, lets dig into this weeks slate a little bit.

College Football Week 11 for DraftKings

Welcome back to another exciting week of Covid…eh College Football!  We’ve had quite a few cancellations so this write-up could change drastically between now and Saturday morning so make sure you’re in the discord.  We had a pretty good week last week.

College Football Week 13 Friday Slate 11-27

Welcome to the start of Week Thirteen’s slate!  We get a nice 9 gamer to kick off the week and it’s fantastic.  It’s a great mixture of different conferences, team totals, studs, and unknowns.  Let’s dig into it.