This is only a 5 game slate as it is and we have 2 of these games at risk of rain issues and a couple others with very humid hitting weather. If  you don’t already, I would subscribe to Run Pure Sports using these crazy discounts that we have right now, get in the discord chat with myself and the other coordinators and get that up to lock edge. I mean for crying out loud, we had our boy Stevers with boots on the ground in Cleveland last night giving live weather updates. This discord is the edge and you’re missing out!!

I only play one lineup every day. My style of play is definitely geared towards MME although I’m a single entry player and i feel it gives me a massive edge in these high stake contests. I’ve made a 6 figure profit using this style of play in MLB ALONE for 5 straight seasons now. You’ll always find some hot takes and low owned stacks in these articles to give yourself that same edge. Let’s dive in!



Pitching Core


Justin Steele- Lefties against Pittsburgh is still one of my things. You’ve got weather concerns to watch here, but the matchup is ideal and the ballpark makes it even better. It’s early, but right now Steele is my number 1 on this slate and I don’t foresee that changing. He has the leash, the strikeouts, the matchup, and a good history pitching in PNC against these Pirates. Every box seems checked.


Merrill Kelly- I think this is the stud arm on this slate that gets passed by and that makes him appealing. The Reds strikeout more than anyone on this slate in the last 30 days and Kelly is the definition of a solid all around arm. He brings over a K per inning on the year with a ton of strikeout upside built in with this matchup. He’s been really good at home where he has always shown a higher K rate, lower WHIP and a solid 3.33 ERA through his career. The Reds present a lot of power and a lot of speed in this lineup and that’s exactly why Kelly will go overlooked. On a 5 game slate I want exposure here because there’s not a higher upside matchup on the board.


Other Options


Jesse Scholtens- By now you probably know I’m never opposed to these cheap guys. I just find such an advantage, specially on small slates where people want to force the top pitchers, to prioritizing bats. $5,000 on DK gives us that and it never hurts when that $5k pitcher is playing the Athletics. Scholtens is by no means a power arm, he’s more of a pitch to contact guy with these weak strikeout numbers, but he’s a new starter with a small sample size going against the worst team in baseball. In the discord last night I talked up Severino for this exact reason. People will force a guy like Pablo Lopez today against one of the best offenses in Texas because we only have 5 games to choose from. That’s fine, but it’s not at all unlikely that Lopez can’t get past 15 DK points in that brutal matchup and I think it’s very likely that Scholtens does get us 15+ in his matchup. He’s made 4 starts in a row now with a normal leash and as an actual starter and he’s scored 21, 17, 12 and -5.3 (in Coors). You have to like your odds at 15 plus points in this matchup and that makes him a very very appalling option on DK today.


Andrew Heaney- It’s such a sweat every time you roster this guy. He’s probably the only pitcher on this slate with true 35-40 point upside outside of Pablo Lopez, but you know going in that there’s almost no chance he does it, talent is there, leash isn’t. He hasn’t even made it out of the 4th inning in his last two starts and he’s looked terrible. Minnesota has been a great matchup for LHP all year so the slim chance of that upside game is certainly here, but it’s hard to be crazy about it looking at his recent struggles. My approach here is very simple today. If Heaney is getting steamed up and we are looking at 40% ownership, then I want absolutely no part of it and I might even stack the Twins. If he looks to be somewhat contrarian on a 5 game slate I’ll definitely feel comfortable taking this shot in the $7K range for a guy with huge upside.


Stack Em


White Sox- It’s 94 degrees in Chicago with 10-15 mph winds pushing right to left. This is excellent hitting weather and the Sox just so happen to be facing a mediocre lefty. We pick on the White Sox often, but they have som pop in this lineup and nearly all of it is from the right side. I’ve won a lot of money over the years with the White Sox against LHP, not yet this year, but that changes tonight. Best stack on the board against Ken Waldichuk and the A’s bullpen.


Diamondbacks- Brandon Williamson is not good and I like some of these Diamondbacks righties to attack with tonight. Ketel Marte is one of my favorite plays on the slate, a true lefty masher. Then some discounted pieces that fit really nicely in these builds. The 5.1 total is one of the highest on the slate, the Reds bullpen is one of the worst, and outside of Carroll, Marte, and Walker this Arizona team is priced right for us.


Twins- I mentioned wanting to pick on a chalky Heaney and that’s what we are going to do. Another favorite stack that costs us next to nothing with salary. Kyle Farmer and Carlos Correa stick out as guys that have a track record of damage to lefties, Royce Lewis is one of my favorites because his bat is loud even though he’s struggled so far vs LHP in the big leagues. I’m even fine with guys like Jordan Luplow and Michael A Taylor. Heaney has struggled mightily on the road and you’ve got a very hot and humid night in Minnesota where the ball can fly at times. Sign me up


Dong Calls

Royce Lewis 

Luis Robert 

Ketel Marte 

**[+10000 odds on that parlay]


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