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Last Day of the Regular Season – NHL 4/29/2022

Favorite Picks Tonight Chicago Blackhawks @ Buffalo Sabres The Blackhawks travel across the Great Lakes tonight to take on a new an improved Buffalo Sabres. Since trading away Jack Eichel the Sabres have been a completely new team. Buffalo is no joke, while Chicago is a bad joke. With aging stars and a lack of […]


Thursday Night Hockey – NHL 4/28/2022

Favorite Picks Tonight Tampa Bay Lightning @ Columbus Blue Jackets As the NHL season winds down, Tampa makes their final trip north to take on the Blue Jackets. They come into tonight looking to expand on their 4 game win streak and prepare to defend their title once again. Tampa is right back in the […]


2022 NFL Draft Betting Guide

Best Bets for the 2022 NFL Draft The NFL Draft has reached the peak of primetime popularity. Years ago, the NFL Draft was simply an event in which a team attempted to gradually improve their squad with some high-potential rookies. But since 2017, the focus has shifted for the event as sportsbooks began to allow […]


Hump Day Hockey – NHL 4/27/2022

Favorite Picks Tonight Philadelphia Flyers @ Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg will be host tonight to a battle between the visiting Flyers, and the Jets. While the Jets made a good push for playoffs, they’re out of the running, and Philly has been out of it pretty much since opening night. The last few games of the […]